National Defence University on development Air Vice-Marshal Michael Moyo

Leonard Ncube in Hwange
THE Zimbabwe National Defence University (ZNDU) Vice-Chancellor and Commandant, Air Vice-Marshal Michael Moyo has said the ongoing country’s development projects should contribute to national security.

Speaking during a visit to Zambezi Gas and Coal Mine in Hwange yesterday, Air Vice-Marshal Moyo said economic development constitutes a critical component of national security.

The Air Vice-Marshal is leading 35 students and ZNDU staff on a countrywide tour for an appreciation of local endowments, development projects and other places of significant national interest.

The students are undertaking a 10-months National Defence Course offered by the Centre for Defence and Strategic Studies at ZNDU.

They are drawn from the Airforce of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe National Army, as well as Zimbabwe Republic Police, Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Services, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Office of the President and Cabinet.

Others are from, Nigeria, Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and Tanzania.

Air Vice-Marshal Moyo said the course has four study terms with the first focusing on foundation studies which include a domestic study tour.

“The purpose of this visit is to expose students to Zimbabwe developments including traditional, municipal, provincial and national governance systems.

“ This is the 10th edition of the course which is about national security and strategies. National security has many variables and economic security is one of them. The particular reason why we are here is to establish how Zambezi Gas and other coal mines are contributing to national security which such projects should do,” said Air Vice-Marshal Moyo.

The delegation started in Harare before going to Gweru in Midlands, Gwanda and Plumtree in Matabeleland South where they visited Chief Masendu’s homestead.

They also held a strategic workshop in Bulawayo before visiting Hwange National Park, Zambezi Gas and Coal Mine, Hwange Power Station and Lake Gwayi Shangani in Matabeleland North.

At Zambezi Gas the team was led around the mine processes where engineers explained the processes involved and how the mine is contributing to national development.

The mine currently employs about 450 workers and produces close to 200 000 tonnes per month making it one of the major coal producers in the country thereby contributing to National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1).

The tour is set to end with a tourism indaba in Victoria Falls tomorrow.

Air Vice-Marshal Moyo said there is capacity in the various national projects to develop the country’s economy.

He said the country was operating in an environment that has global variables, some of them having a bearing on national security.

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