National Foods pays fees for 20 Mat North students Matabeleland North Province, Victoria Falls Students cleaning the environment

Michelle Moyo, [email protected]

NATIONAL Foods has been providing academic support to 20 students in Matabeleland North Province, Victoria Falls, by covering their tuition fees since 2023.

This initiative benefits 10 primary school students and 10 secondary school students, demonstrating the company’s commitment to education and community development.

In a media statement, National Foods highlighted that the 20 supported students come from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, including disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals, who require financial assistance to pursue their educational goals.

“The students volunteer 8 hours per month to engage in active cleanup campaigns as well as environmental education to their peers. Their parents have also become environmental ambassadors and are actively engaged in environmental protection, adopting and keeping specific streets in the city clean. The students are popularly known as “Eco Warriors” in the city, and have become a beacon of hope and influence to their peers and the city at large, said National Foods in the statement.”

“Promoting academic education is crucial for the long-term sustainability of environmental conservation efforts. The connection between education and environmental preservation is vital. In communities with limited educational opportunities, deforestation for firewood and illegal wildlife poaching are more prevalent. By investing in basic academic education, National Foods is tackling these issues at their core and fostering a more harmonious relationship between humans and the environment.”

National Foods’ sponsorship of clean-up initiatives in Victoria Falls has had a profound impact, playing a vital role in addressing the pressing environmental challenges facing this iconic destination. By supporting these efforts, the company is actively preserving the natural beauty of Victoria Falls and safeguarding its ecosystems. This sponsorship serves as a strong testament to National Foods’ commitment to environmental sustainability, demonstrating their recognition of the need for collective action in addressing environmental issues.

“Furthermore, National Foods’ support provides essential resources and financial assistance to community-led clean-up initiatives, empowering local residents and volunteers to make a tangible impact in maintaining Victoria Falls’ cleanliness and beauty. In partnership with National Foods, these efforts are contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future for Victoria Falls and its surrounding communities.”

National Foods’ contribution in providing essential support, including fuel and cleaning materials, for the transportation of waste from various clean-up points to the dumpsite is invaluable.

“Victoria Falls hosts an average of 10 clean-up events daily, posing a significant logistical challenge in transporting waste to the dumpsite. National Foods’ sponsorship of fuel and cleaning materials plays a vital role in facilitating the efficient transportation and disposal of waste, thereby preventing environmental harm. By streamlining the process and alleviating the burden on local authorities and volunteers, National Foods’ support is instrumental in the success of the clean-up initiatives. Through their tangible actions, National Foods demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability, making them a valuable partner in preserving the natural beauty of Victoria Falls.”

“Thanks to the generous support from National Foods, the Pristine Victoria Falls Society has made significant strides in protecting wildlife, particularly elephants, by preventing them from accessing the Victoria Falls Dumpsite. This crucial initiative has helped safeguard the well-being of these majestic creatures and preserve the natural beauty of the area.”

“Approximately one year ago, the reinforcement of the fence surrounding the dumpsite proved highly effective in preventing wildlife from accessing harmful plastic waste, thereby reducing the risk of accidental ingestion and tragic fatalities. As key seed dispersers, elephants play a vital role in maintaining the biodiversity and ecosystem health of our parks.

“However, plastic consumption can impede their ability to fulfill this crucial ecological function. The joint efforts of National Foods and the Pristine Victoria Falls Society have not only safeguarded wildlife from the perils of plastic pollution but also preserved the delicate balance between nature and wildlife in our surroundings, ensuring a thriving ecosystem for future generations reads the statement.”

– @Lo7246Lovely

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