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Ndebele clears air through autobiography

13 Jan, 2021 - 00:01 0 Views
Ndebele clears air through autobiography Charles Ndebele

The Chronicle

Mkhululi Ncube, Showbiz Reporter
Ndolwane Super Sounds — Amangwe Production’s front-man, Charles Ndebele is penning his autobiography which he says will trace his life and musical journey.

Sharing a summary of the book with Chronicle Showbiz, Ndebele said: “I’m writing this piece to answer questions asked by many regarding my life. After reading this biography, I am sure that questions people have will be answered. I understand that as a musician, I’m a role model and inspiration to many.”

Ndebele said in the book, he will share intimate details of his life including his education, music journey and the history of Ndolwane Super Sounds.

In the summary, he pays tribute to his grandmother who played a huge role in his upbringing and nurturing his love for music.

“I never knew my father as a young boy. My grandmother took care of me till I was able to stand on my feet. She’s always encouraged and comforted me. That’s what kept me going as I knew gogo was always there for me,” wrote Ndebele.

Narrating how he began singing, Ndebele said it all started as they were herding cattle and entertaining themselves with music.

“As young boys (from about 1983 to 1985), we used to love music a lot and had our own home-made guitars which were popularly known as ‘amabhanjo’. I could not live without singing so we’d carry our guitars and sing wherever we’d be in an effort to entertain ourselves in the bush.

“All this mostly happened as we were herding cattle.”

The history of Ndolwane, from its first band is also captured.

“We composed a number of songs and recorded one album titled ‘Noyana’. The album was recorded as a demo but due to poor communication with the recording studio, we ended up getting more cassettes than the ones we had requested. The recording of Noyana meant that Abson Ndebele, Honest Kamanga and I were the first to record a Zimbabwean Rhumba genre in South Africa,” he said.

While rhumba fans are of the opinion that Ndebele and Martin Sibanda had an acrimonious fall out, Ndebele said the two are actually in good books.

“We must also understand that Martin and I had a mutual agreement and we did not go separate ways as a result of the fights within the band as people claim. Whenever we meet, we interact and I also attend his events whenever I have time.

“We’ll always remain brothers despite the fact that we’re no longer working together musically,” said Ndebele. – @themkhustend.

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