Ndolwane frontman works on third album

20 Mar, 2019 - 00:03 0 Views
Ndolwane frontman works on third album Martin “The Big Boss” Sibanda

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Bongani Ndlovu/Mkhululi NcubeShowbiz Reporters

SOUTH Africa-based Ndolwane Super Sounds’ frontman Martin “The Big Boss” Sibanda, who last released an album two years ago, says he is no rush to produce a third album.

The Big Boss has been silent since the release of Konke Sizokulungisa in 2017. 

“I’ve started working on a new project and I don’t want to rush things. Normally when I do any project, I take my time to produce a masterpiece. 

“My aim is to come up with a lifetime production, an album that is not easily forgotten,” said Sibanda.

Judging by his past projects, there was a five-year gap between his debut red hot solo album, Bakhuzeni, released in 2012 and Konke Sizokulungisa in 2017. So fans might have to wait until 2022 for another scorcher from The Big Boss. 

This is a huge departure from the united Ndolwane Super Sounds which released albums annually before the group split in 2011. 

Asked if he was not afraid of losing his fans to up-and-coming musicians who are constantly releasing new music and launching albums annually, Sibanda said he was not deterred.

“When I come back, everyone will feel my presence. I’m not worried about the space that’s being created because no one will ever do what I do. 

“My productions will always have their space in my fans’ hearts. Ukuhlehla kwenqama akusi kubaleka kodwa yikuyathatha amandla (during a fight when a ram moves back, it’s not retreating, but gathering its strength), that’s what I’m doing. 

“In music, we don’t hang microphones; we just reduce the production rate. Music is a feeling, you can sing until you die. I’d rather write one song and release it than hanging my mic. I’m here to stay as music is my life.”

Sibanda said he is now concentrating on sponsored shows (corporate events). 

“When I do shows and they’re not productive, I go back to the drawing board and rejuvenate myself and try to identify the problem before I hit back.

“I’ve been doing sponsored shows mostly, the reason being most of us don’t have sponsors as music groups. We self-sponsor so we need to do some other money generating schemes in order to make ends meet. 

“So if I’m quiet, I’ll be doing something to help push my brand. This year, however, I’m planning to come to Zimbabwe for shows and collaborations, as long people will be having cash in their hands,” said Sibanda.

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