Ndux Malax’s royalties kept us going

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Ndux Malax’s royalties kept us going Siqalokuhle Malaba-Nyathi

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Mkhululi Ncube, Showbiz Reporter
TODAY marks 27 years since the late Rhumba legend Ndux Malax breathed his last at his homestead ending an illustrious career in the local music industry.

A great composer and storyteller of repute, Ndux Music has been an inspiration to many Rhumba bands that came after him.

A versatile artiste, the late Malax also recorded some Reggae and Pansula tracks like Seluyengaphi uthando and Unity number 2.

The late Rhumba legend Ndux Malax

His compositions touched on various themes including love, unity, religion, politics and sports but one of his favourite themes was tackling the road carnage with his Bafundiseni number 1-4 compositions.

Malax’s firstborn, Siqalokuhle Malaba–Nyathi says the late musician will be remembered as a loving person by family members and those who knew him closely.

A teacher by profession, Siqalokuhle says the death of her father in 1996 which was shortly followed by that of her mother in 1998 left her with the responsibility of being a parent to her siblings.

“My father was a loving person and we had a close bond due to the fact that we stayed together from grade six after he took me from our rural area to live with him in Bulawayo for my education. He loved intelligent and clever people and never wanted to see us sihlukumezekile. He was a traditional man who loved his Kalanga culture.

“On food, he loved traditional food mostly isitshwala senyawuthi and amacimbi. He became sick when I was 16 years and in form 4. My form four results were a disappointment because everyone expected me to pass at once but had to resit for the exams as I was affected by the illness and death of my father,” she said.

Siqalokuhle said when her mother died she had just started temporary teaching and had to provide for her siblings.
She said through her father’s royalties they were able to survive and finish school with some support from relatives.

“We have gathered here and there to remember him but I must thank Ndux Junior for keeping our father’s legacy alive. I wish he becomes very popular like our father so that his legacy remains alive. While I love all my father`s songs, my top one is Isiphiwo Sami. One of my children seems to have a musical gift but we are pushing him to focus on education first and he is now at university,” she said.

Ndux Junior who also picks Isiphiwo Sami as the best song from his father says he has tried his best to keep Malax’s legacy alive.  Junior says lack of financial support has affected their plans to have bigger commemorations to remember the late legend.

“I have fulfilled my dreams of keeping my father’s legacy going and I have been welcomed and accepted by people. Our challenge is financing for us to hold umcimbi omkhulu. But we are planning something this year in August. We want to have something ekhaya to remember him. It is difficult to have all family members together as some work outside the country and it has forced us to do something small but this year we hope to bring everyone together and do something big,” said Junior.

In his last offering, Namhlanje Ukhombu`Utsotsi, it was as if Malax knew he was giving the world his last album as all the songs: iBhatshi Lika Solomon, Half bread, Ngiyakuthanda Mntanomuntu, Ngidinga imali and BafundisenI Number 4 were all runaway hits. – @themkhust

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