Walter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent
A 29-YEAR-OLD Chivi man allegedly fatally struck his uncle with an axe and left his wife for dead following a dispute over witchcraft, police said. Masvingo police spokesperson Inspector Charity Mazula said the incident happened on Saturday at around 7PM. She identified the deceased as Luka Chizani, 66, of Tichagwa Village under Chief Madyangove.

Insp Mazula said Chizani was sitting in his kitchen hut with wife Etina Mukaro, 62, of the same village when his nephew Phillip arrived armed with an axe.
She said Phillip, who is son to Luka’s young brother, disappeared after committing the crime and is still at large.

“While in the kitchen, Phillip confronted his uncle accusing him of bewitching him and other family members. He said Luka was responsible for the bad omen prevailing in his family. He told him that he wanted to mete out instant justice,” said Insp Mazula.

She added: “Phillip raised the axe intending to strike Luka. Etina screamed while trying to restrain the former from harming her husband but was overpowered.
“As if possessed, Phillip turned to Etina and struck her once on the right arm, left arm and forehead just above the eye. He proceeded to Luka and struck him once on the right arm, once on the left arm and once on the forehead just above the eye.”

Insp Mazula said Luka was left bleeding profusely and fell unconscious.
His twin brother, Hebert rushed to the scene after hearing the noise and took the couple to Chivi

District Hospital where Luka died on admission.
She said Etina’s condition was said to be stable while Luka’s body was taken to the same hospital mortuary for postmortem.

“We have since launched a manhunt for the suspect. We promise that the long arm of the law will fast catch up with him as police will leave no stone unturned in bringing him to book,” said Insp Mazula.

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