Nhimbe Trust releases ‘ArtSpeak’ – Artistic freedom report 2023 Lisa Sidambe

Mthabisi Tshuma, Online Reporter

NHIMBE Trust, a leading Zimbabwe-based non-profit organisation advocating for cultural rights and artistic freedom, has released a report named “ArtSpeak – Artistic Freedom Report 2023”.

Dedicated to Freemuse, a global organisation championing artistic freedom, this report is the culmination of years of dedicated work and collaboration aimed at fostering political, social, and economic justice through cultural expression.

The report’s author, Lisa Sidambe, stated that the flagship report serves as a vital repository of information, informing advocacy, global research, and international discourse.

“ArtSpeak is not just about numbers. In uncovering critical insights into the state of artistic freedom across 17 African countries, the report is a call to action for policymakers and other key stakeholders who work in defense of artistic freedom. I hope the report will catalyse change and advocate for the realisation of a more vibrant and free creative landscape.

“Nhimbe Trust acknowledges Freemuse’s invaluable contribution to strengthening its institutional capacity and enhancing its international profile in the protection and promotion of cultural rights and artistic freedom. The report provides a comprehensive examination of artistic freedom within the African context, shedding light on challenges, achievements, and opportunities for progress.

“Through meticulous documentation and analysis, Nhimbe Trust explores artistic freedom cases in the Africa Region and selected countries, offering a unique policy perspective to complement the work of other partners in the field.

“By engaging policymakers, civil society networks, and intergovernmental entities, Nhimbe Trust aims to create an enabling policy environment for artists, amplifying their voices and advocating for their rights. We extend our deepest gratitude to all those who contributed to this endeavour and invite stakeholders to engage with the findings and collaborate towards meaningful change,” said Sidambe.

– @mthabisi_mthire

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