Nhira raises bar with new single

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Nhira raises bar with new single Brian Nhira

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Brian Nhira

Brian Nhira

Robert Mukondiwa
HAVING made a name for himself in the Playoffs of the 10th season of NBC Emmy Award winning talent search contest The Voice, Brian Nhira has shown why he is a talent worth following with the release of his fresh track Would You Still love Me?

And with his latest release, the Tulsa born Brian, of Zimbabwean parentage, proves his worth as both a singer and a songwriter of note.

The track, Would You Still love Me, chronicling the challenges of a couple when their love is tested in the face of grave illness, hits all the right notes and speaks to the deepest depths of one’s soul in its haunting beauty.

As a work of art, Brian’s voice in this track carries the rare and inimitable beauty of a Picasso, an art-piece with the fingerprints of perfection and gives an almost palpable picture of the words behind the piece.

His accompanying video, alongside Gloria Kim as his love interest, has unsurprisingly been well received for both the heartstring tugging message and the near flawless depiction of the subject matter.

While many desert their ‘until death do us part’ and the ‘in sickness and in health’ vows with some running off when a spouse loses a job or position in life, Brian asks if the other half can endure the darkest of days.

Said Brian: Would You Still Love Me? was written as I was getting ready to board an airplane heading to a friend’s wedding. Sitting in the airport terminal, I noticed an elderly couple.

“The wife was in a wheelchair and it was evident that she couldn’t speak or move on her own. As drool dripped from her mouth, her husband wiped it away.

“In that moment, I was confronted with the reality that I was getting ready to witness the wedding of my good friend and his bride who’re both young and full of life. They’d soon commit to loving each other for the rest of their lives without a clue as to the circumstances the future would bring.

“As I continued to observe the elderly couple in that airport terminal, I began to think of how at one point in their lives they stood at the altar, both full of life, but somewhere along the line . . . something happened. It’s that experience that birthed Would you still love me?

Nectar and succulent honey dripping from his voice box, Brian is set to scale a fresh high with his new trajectory and will no doubt cement himself as a notable artiste going forth with tenets of hard work, energy and tireless dedication. His relevance as a didactic writer and his art of caressing his listeners with his voice through song no doubt makes him the music lover’s darling.


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