Nkosazana Daughter performs for 30 minutes

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Nkosazana Daughter performs for 30 minutes Nkosazana Daughter

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Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Reporter
For US$50 South Africa’s Nkosazana Daughter came, took pictures, sipped a few drinks and maybe had a snack or two, performed for under 30 minutes and then left.

This was what happened during the much-hyped Nkosazana Daughter show at the Bulawayo Athletic Club on Monday night.

The moment that Nkosazana Daughter (real name Nkosazana Nolwazi Kimberly Nzama), who is one of the most sought-after vocalists in the amapiano genre, was announced by 3D Events as coming to Zimbabwe, and Bulawayo in particular, social media went into meltdown.

It was also the birthday celebrations for Berthson Mdlongwa, who looked bust from the onset of the  show.

So, it came as no surprise that during the long Heroes’ weekend, hundreds of fun-loving fans snaked their way to BAC to watch the Sofasilahlane hit singer.

DJ Tamuka

The car park which was the venue was filled to the brim, with other cars parked outside along 12th Avenue Extension. The cheapest ticket was US$10 and to be in VIP it one had to part with US$50.

It was tailormade for the younger audiences as Delta Beverages had come in with their soft drink Coca-Cola brand to endorse the show. Those who were entering were given free Coca-Cola, Fanta and Stoney Ginger Beer. The Coca-Cola area was a hive of activity with the 360 degree camera the centre attraction.

Security details at the door were having a torrid time letting people in, and once in the nightspot was packed. It was difficult to manoeuvre to the front to be close to the  action.

Local acts such as DJ Tamuka, DJ Liz, DJ Khumz, Mzoe 7, DJ Skaiva and Boy Nino gave a good account of themselves as they kept the crowd on the dance  floor.

Mzoe 7

Occasionally they would shout, “Are you ready for Nkosazana!?” and the crowd would respond in the affirmative with a mixture of screams and shouts.

Drinks were flowing, dance moves were being dished out by various youthful fans and the vibe was awaiting a crescendo, Nkosazana Daughter.

At the VIP area, it was more spacious and at around 12.50AM, there was movement at the steel fence as bouncers were untying them.

Babongile Sikhonjwa

When the fences were opened there stood Nkosazana Daughter with a massive entourage, the comprised Ben Chest (the host), Babongile Sikhonjwa and DJ Tenny T.

The phone cameras were pulled out, wild screams ensued, as she took a seat on couches that were reserved for her and the  entourage.

Before that, the couches were covered in clean wrap, and it took Babongile Sikhonjwa to remove them so that Nkosazana could sit.

The monied in the VIP area, thought this was now the time to buy the expensive whiskeys and champagnes as the party was about to start.

Nkosazana’s crew were brought bottles of champagne and she opted for water, sipped it and then after sometime was time for her to go on stage.

DJ Skaiva

She had to move into the crowd and this is the same thing that happened to fellow singer Boohle at the same venue this year. The place was too packed and it does not auger well for an artiste to be escorted onto the stage by bouncers through the crowd, but it happened, again.

At around 1.15AM she started her set, cheered on by an appreciative crowd as she sang Nomathemba, Dali Nguwe and Sofa Silahlane. The crowd would sing along word for word her songs.

And when they thought that the party was just started, it was over. Nkosazana Daughter and her entourage stood on stage, with fans thinking that she was taking a small break.

But the music had stopped and after some minutes was ushered off the stage, through the crowd, who were asking where she was going, into the VIP area and then out through the makeshift entrance.


Just like that, the show was over! Just like another Amapiano vocalist from South Africa Boohle the performance according to fans was short.

Another Amapiano outfit, Amaroto who people thought would perform and tear up the stage at the same venue, only performed for 30 minutes in June.

Promoters, fans said, should make it clear from the get go how much time the artiste will be on stage.

They made reference to the Burna Boy concert in Harare, where show promoters were clear that he will be on stage for one hour thirty minutes and local promoters must do the same.

Burna Boy

However there is a common thread, Amapiano vocalists or performers do not have either the song catalogue to sustain longer performances or its part of the contract that is not revealed by promoters to the public.

Another thing, muggings and pickpocketing outside BAC is rampant and many lost valuables to marauding thieves, who were stationed there. – Follow on Twitter @bonganinkunzi

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