“No Adiwele, you dropped the mic and left, that was heartbreaking” – Zimbo tells Young Stunna

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“No Adiwele, you dropped the mic and left, that was heartbreaking” – Zimbo tells Young Stunna Young Stunna

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Siphakeme Mnindwa, Showbiz Reporter

South African musician Young Stunna, as much as he claims that Zimbabweans hurt him, also hurt his local fans this past weekend if the feedback from his show where he stormed off the stage is anything to go by.

“I still love you. Even though you hurt me Zimbabwe,” Young Stunna posted on his social media pages a day after performing at The Boundary in Bulawayo.

Young Stunna

This post was an apparent reference to the technical glitch that was experienced during the set that saw him abort his performance. The Sithi Shwi hit-maker marched off the stage after performing for about 30 minutes, leaving fans high and dry. On Monday, event organisers said he was angered after a USB device with his music malfunctioned, forcing him to abandon his performance.

Patient fans hoped that he would return to the stage once the problem experienced with his USB was rectified, but alas, that was not to be.

His behaviour devastated some of his local fans who had waited for him up to 1AM to take to the stage. They took to social media to express their disappointment.

“You dropped the mic and left, that was so heartbreaking. No goodbye, no ADIWELE,” wrote one fan as they commented on a video posted on Young Stunna’s page.

“But it’s not good Sunna. I paid for VVIP, after that ubaleke.”

The feeling seems to be mutual as another fan said despite the glitch, they still love Young Stunna.

“We’re still confused thina abanye. Sisa enjoyer, wavel’wavaya. No goodbyes. Anyway, I enjoyed,” wrote another.

Meanwhile, Bulawayo’s Five Street Events who were behind the Shorts and Shades concert that was headlined by Young Stunna have said they will not be suing the South African performer for his action.

They have also dismissed rumours that the musician was hit with a bottle thrown by one of the fans in dismay.

One of the event promoters laughed when asked if they would be taking action legal against the Amapiano artiste.

“No, there’s no need. It’s part of the hazards of the game,” said the promoter.

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