Nothing can be restrained from united people

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Nothing can be restrained from united people

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Why do we have so many unfinished projects nowadays? Why is it difficult to finish what we start?

The reason is because there is lack of unity.

How many unfinished buildings do we come across?

Churches have acquired stands but very few build to completion.

Most companies stop building at window levels and even five years can pass by with no progress.

Why would people stop building at window level or roof level?

The reason is lack of unity!

Once a person begins to speak Zulu and the rest of the team speaks SeSotho we seize to understand each other at that moment.

Once one person begins to speak a language of “we can’t,” things will not move.

If all of us say “yes, we can” things will move.

Matthew 18: 19 KJV: “Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my father which is in heaven”

How many times have we prayed for things and they have not come to pass?

How many things have we asked from God and they have not been fulfilled?

I was praying and I said to God we have prayed for so many things, even in the nation why are we not receiving anything?

The answer is simply because there is no unity!

In Genesis 11 the case was different, there was oneness.

If people agree on anything on earth God can grant it as long as there is unity.

People need to stand as one.

For instance, as churches, you maybe about to start a church construction project as you are praying to God to bless your project and to ensure that it becomes a success, someone else begins to think that once the building is complete it is the Pastor who shall be known and seen, what about us the congregants?

This can hinder the success of the project because such thoughts stir up a divided environment.

Where there is unity you will always see a difference.

The Lord always pours His blessings there.

God Bless…

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