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Now is not the time for “abantu bazothini” Hustle like no one is watching, Cassper tells entertainers

02 Jul, 2020 - 11:07 0 Views
Now is not the time for “abantu bazothini” Hustle like no one is watching, Cassper tells entertainers Cassper Nyovest

The Chronicle

Showbiz Reporter
With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to ravage countries across the world, musician Cassper Nyovest, concerned about fellow artistes who have been greatly affected as they are struggling to make ends meet, has said entertainers must seriously find other means of surviving, cut on unnecessary expenses and not care what people will say.

He said for the flamboyant ones, it is becoming crucial to cut down on unnecessary luxuries and just focus on critical things as it is unknown when things will normalise, if ever they do.

Sending prayers to all the entertainers during this tough time. I know the finances are starting to look very tricky. Don’t be afraid to cut down . . . Now is not the time for abantu bazo thini or what will people think. Sort out what is most important and cut the rest. We will be back!” posted Cassper on his Facebook page on Thursday morning.

Recently, local musician Sandra Ndebele shared how she turned to vending to make ends meet some years back. And as expected, she said people mocked her with her peers laughing at her saying “Sandy apera” but that did not deter her as she kept on hustling and it all paid off.

“I think this is why people in the arts don’t want to do other things outside the arts. They are afraid to be laughed at. They are afraid of what people will say if they are seen selling things outside their arts. I didn’t care what people said or if they laughed,” said Sandy.

Like Cassper, Sandy suggested that artistes find other ways of making money if they are to sustain their livelihood especially now during these trying times.

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