Nust students produce drama skits tackling campus life Lancelot Matange

Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Reporter
National University of Science and Technology (Nust) students have created a drama series to document and confront issues such as drug addiction, relationships, suicide and mental health on campus.

The Nust Got Talent initiative is set to be premiered on November 1 on YouTube.

The founder of Nust Got Talent, Lancelot Matange, a fourth year Engineering student at the institution said the skit marathon is dapped Violence.

“We are working on a drama series as we’re trying by all means to support talented students. This skit marathon is under the Nust Got Talent initiative that I formed upon realisation that students have a lot of talent which they do not showcase due to lack of platforms.

“So, the initiative is coming in to showcase and nurture their talent. We came up with the title, Violence, for the skits marathon because it’s catchy,” Matange said.

Detailing the drama, Matange said: “Violence is generally about campus life. It’ll tackle students’ social, mental and even spiritual life while also capturing problems such as drug abuse.

Through the drama, we want to show the benefits of going to church while we’re at school. We believe that people can be comforted through watching something that is similar to their situations as they’ll be able to relate.

“They’ll also learn how to handle certain scenarios or situations without committing suicide.”

He said Violence will mainly tackle mental health issues as they have realised that a lot of students are committing suicide throughout the country.

“Basically, the skit is being produced to bring hope to all students,” he said.

Under the Nust Got Talent initiative, students are also working on a music album.

“We’ve gathered all the music artists on campus who’re now working towards an album.

Through this initiative, our aim is to come up with different types of music with the main focus being on producing music that concerns students’ life on campus, their relationships and the general campus life. We want to talk about all of these things through music,” he said.

Matange went on to share plans to expand the Nust Got Talent initiative into a nationwide university project.

“Currently, Nust Got Talent focuses on various talents such as craftwork, modelling, singing, dancing and acting. It’s a small initiative for Nust students.

As it’s growing, we’re working towards coming up with an initiative that will cover the whole of Zimbabwe, focusing on talented students in various Zimbabwean universities.

“We want this to be a big project that will not leave any vibrant young talent hidden,” he said. – @SeehYvonne.

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