On the spotlight: Tapiwa Fresh returns with 18-track album Tapiwa Fresh

Mthabisi Tshuma, [email protected]

Versatile musician, Tapiwa Fresh has released an album, which boasts a record 18 tracks. 

The artiste who rose to fame following his remix of Makhadzi’s Ghanama track in 2021, recently unveiled the album titled “Long Distance” which features tracks such as “Fire Body” (featuring Vannel, AZIEL and Dreal Nova), “Dia”, “You and I” (featuring D-Nine), “Good Things” (featuring D-Sensei, K Marque, D-Nine, and Florida Pro), “Perspective” (featuring AZIEL) and “Bvuma” (featuring Tidech). Other notable tracks include “Dance Floor”, “Mablesser/Sugar Daddy (Reply)”, “Wainyengedzwa” (featuring Nico C), “I Don’t Need You Anymore”, “Pwere”, “Musandipfuure Jeso” (featuring Tafadzwa Madkid), “You Saved Me” (featuring Dough Major) and “Oh No! 

The album’s producers include Rayobeats, Certifyd_Audio, LXA, Zedaz, Nicky Genius, Tafadzwa Madkid and Freshmatic.

The United States-based pop and RnB artiste, born Tapiwa Chipangura, said he utilised the ample time during a three-year hiatus to compile this extensive project. 

He said compiling this album was not an easy journey, as he had to make significant compromises and had a lot at stake, but he also had fun along the way.

“It took me a good three years since I released my last project. I was trying to settle into the new place, environment, weather and people. Creating connections and working with a new and better production team all led to an amazing outcome,” he said.

He explained that the title track is about a “ninja” (a fighter) who has gone to a foreign land trying to win and earn a living while also learning the new cultures and behaviours of people in that land.

“The same ‘Long Distance’ refers to the distance created between Tapiwa (as the Ninja), his family, and his lover, becoming a long-distance relationship. This theme goes beyond love to include friendships, which also go through ups and downs. People should listen to the album with an open mind, enjoy it and try not to over-think it – it’s more like a movie,” he said.

“In the album, I also talk about how people fall in love, get to know each other, propose, get married and have a family. They dance and celebrate in this relationship, fight because of rumours, ‘diss’ each other or break family ties, then try to mend the relationship and pray, but sometimes it fails and they part ways.”

As an up-and-coming artiste, he said he enjoyed making the songs on this album, especially the tracks “Dia”, “Street_Wyz” and “You Saved Me” (featuring Dough Major).

Previously based in South Africa, Tapiwa Fresh said he relocated to the USA in February last year and has since worked with producers such as Rayobeats, LXA, Larrynx, and Looda. 





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