Opposition parties slam MDC A for sponsoring violent protests

31 Jan, 2019 - 00:01 0 Views
Opposition parties slam MDC A for sponsoring violent protests Mr Obert Gutu

The Chronicle

Fidelis Munyoro and Victor Maphosa, Harare Bureau
Some opposition political parties have thrown their weight behind President Mnangagwa’s administration, saying he is committed to turning around the economy.

They condemned the MDC Alliance for sponsoring violent protests that saw some lives lost and property destroyed.

The political parties, under the banner of Progressive Political Parties (PPP), comprise the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T), Coalition of Democrats (CODE) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

MDC-T deputy president Mr Obert Gutu said all political parties should put the people first, disengage from the election mode and join hands with the Government in nation building.

“We, progressive political parties, CODE, MDC-T and PDP, are desirous of the urgent need to move away from the self-destructive trajectory and that all forms of violence are averse to our values and principles of Ubuntu,” he said.

“We condemn violence in all its forms, violence does not pay.

“It is now time to put the people first. We are also alive to the fact that we have collectively failed as a nation to disengage from electioneering for purposes of moving the country forward.

“We believe that we have also collectively committed a sin of commission knowingly and unknowingly by not focusing on the process of nation building, therefore, we collectively call and patriotically call for a broad-based home grown national dialogue.

The PPPs, he said, advocated for an inclusive dialogue which includes all political parties that participated in the 2018 general elections.

“As political players who have previously taken part in national elections and other critical processes, we propose that the dialogue must be all inclusive, taking into consideration our diversity and different interest groups such as churches, labour, business, student bodies, women, youth, vulnerable groups, political parties, amongst others,” said Mr Gutu.

In conformity with the constitution and considering the prevailing socio-political and economic situation, Mr Gutu said, the dialogue should also focus on turning around the economy and full implementation of the constitution.

He said the dialogue should also focus on exploring solutions to ensure the full re-integration of Zimbabwe into the family of nations with equal opportunities.

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