Our son was not a CCC member: Rally victim’s family

Michael Magoronga, Midlands Correspondent
THE family of a man who reportedly died following violent clashes during a Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) rally in Kwekwe last Sunday has denied reports that he was a member of the opposition party led by Nelson Chamisa.

Mbongeni Ncube was reportedly stabbed with a sharp object and died upon admission to Kwekwe General Hospital.

Seventeen other people were injured. Police have since arrested five people in connection with the murder and political violence.

However, it has emerged that claims by the CCC that Ncube was a staunch supporter of the party are not true.

When a Chronicle news crew visited the deceased’s family residence in Mbizo 9, family members could be seen requesting CCC party members to stop turning the funeral into a rally.

“We want to mourn our son in peace and we cannot allow you to turn this funeral into a rally. We have already lost our son and there is no going back, so do not add more pain. Kindly leave this place and leave us to mourn one of our own,” one relative could be heard fuming.

In an interview, the deceased’s brother Future Ncube said Ncube was caught in a cross fire.

Ncube worked as a blaster at a mine in Kwekwe and he was known as one who loved to drink and was not a violent person.

“He was not someone who followed politics as far as we knew him. He did not follow CCC or any other party. He was just a quiet person who did not talk to anyone,” said Ncube.

He said by the time the commotion occurred, Ncube might have been drinking beer with some of his friends at a nearby beer outlet.

“He loved his beer, that is what I know. When we were told about this, we knew that he might have been drinking when the commotion started and he was caught in the cross fire,” said the brother.

Another relative, Khulani Ncube said the family was now awaiting postmortem results.

He said the family was still in shock.

“We are still in shock, but we have managed to accept that this is what we are faced with and we are moving on. It is hard to accept that this is the way our son has gone, but it is God’s plan and it has no appeal,” he said.

Ncube will be buried in Lower Gweru on Friday.

He leaves behind a two-year-old daughter.

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