‘Outdoors a life-or-death decision’

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‘Outdoors a life-or-death decision’ Kembo Mohadi

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Chronicle Reporter
ACTING President Kembo Mohadi yesterday said going outdoors should be viewed as a life-or-death decision due to the sharp increase of Covid-19 cases and called for immediate behaviour change.

His sentiments follow the announcement of stricter Covid-19 regulations by Vice President Dr Constantino Chiwenga who is also the Minister of Health and Child Care on Saturday.

Gatherings such as weddings and church services have been banned for 30 days while bars, bottle stores, gyms and restaurants have been ordered to shut down.

Formal and non-formal businesses will be suspended from tomorrow except for those providing essential services such as hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets which will open at 8am and close at 3pm. Only those workers providing essential services will be allowed to report for work during the next 30 days. Speaking during a press conference in Harare, Acting President Mohadi said:

“Make every decision to leave your house a matter of life or death. Zimbabweans have to choose between enjoyment and death.”

He said as Zimbabweans we must be disciplined and when the situation doesn’t allow, there shouldn’t be any enjoyment and merrymaking at all. People, the Acting president said, need to remain home and keep themselves and other people safe.

Acting President Mohadi said he was concerned about complacency that has crept in as evidenced by the people’s behaviour.

“Regrettably, it is worrisome that our people and communities in general do not take the wearing of masks seriously.

We therefore urge all leaders to take an active role in enforcing the proper wearing of masks. The virus needs to be fought by us all. In the past lockdowns, we achieved a lot in controlling the spread of the virus through cohesion and unity of purpose. Nevertheless, as leadership we observed the general laxity and carelessness of our people to adhere to the set protocols,” said the Acting President.

“We are our own saviours and it is our behavioural change that will take us out of this danger. It is important that there be a major paradigm shift on behaviour. Let those who have been infected, now be the last as we strive to ensure noone else shall be infected. The objective of zero new infections should be at the core of our thrust on prevention.”

Acting President Mohadi also took a swipe at some characters who produce fake Covid-19 negative certificates for purposes of travel.

“Furthermore, the presentation of unauthentic Covid-19 free certificates by some of our citizens has exposed many unassuming people to the disease. Such dishonesty is criminal and is detrimental to the very fabric of society and far removed from Hunhu/Ubuntu, this has contributed to a surge in the infections we are talking about,” he said.

“We appreciate fellow compatriots, as a matter of fact that the dark side of the holidays, besides the traffic carnage on our roads has been the surge of the covid-19 infections. Within the past week the nation has sadly recorded 1 342 Covid-19 cases and 29 deaths representing the highest number recorded so far.

“Yesterday (Saturday), 400 new cases and eight new deaths were recorded and all of which were local infections. We have seen the number of Covid cases and deaths double in two months from 8 374 on November 1, 2020 to 14 191 cases to date. I therefore appeal to you fellow Zimbabweans that while scientists are working all over the world for a vaccine, it remains imperative that you and I adhere to the measures as stipulated,” said Acting President Mohadi.

He said a healthy and safe nation will ensure that Government fully implements the National Development Strategy 1.

“We’ll not allow our laxity in front of the pandemic to break our resolve to achieve our national goals we shall still remain focused. The health and safety of the nation will ensure a productive and fruitful economy. We all have the responsibility to adhere to the set WHO guidelines. When we work together against the pandemic, we will save lives and ensure a healthy and productive citizenry. Individual compliance in the fight against Covid-19 is critical. Your safety ensures the safety of the next person and thereby ensuring a safe nation,” said Acting President Mohadi.

He reminded people to stay at home, sanitise and mask up and only travel when necessary.

“Thank you for keeping yourself and neighbours safe. Properly wear your mask, wash your hands with soap and water or sanitise as frequently as possible. Keep your social distance, if you don’t need to leave your house stay at home. If there is no real reason to leave your house stay at home,” said Acting President Mohadi. — @bonganinkunzi

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