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Peter ‘Igwe’ Moyo silences critics

29 Jun, 2013 - 05:06 0 Views
Peter ‘Igwe’ Moyo  silences critics Peter Moyo

The Chronicle

Peter Moyo

Peter Moyo

Saturday Lesuire Reporter
HAVING faced a tough time when he started, Peter “Young Igwe” Moyo, has finally made it by releasing his debut album Mushonga Mukuru, loosely translated “great medicine”. Many expected him to rush into the studio but the Young Igwe decided to take his time in order to come up with a perfect product.
The Young Ingwe has finally provided his subjects who happen to be his fans with that special medicine (Mushonga Mukuru).
Peter has indeed improved on his voice after veteran gospel singer Charles Charamba took him through voice lessons, something other “holier than thou” people could not have done on the basis that Peter is a secular musician.

Different musicians on Tongai’s funeral promised to help Peter but only a few honoured their pledge. Some went on to recruit members of the Utakataka Express thereby threatening the band with collapse.

These negative developments seem to have strengthened Peter’s resolve to survive despite the challenges. He was also subjected to negative publicity following his father’s death but this did not detract his focus until he released his debut album. The young musician has matured and is his own man and fitting to be the Igwe, not just Young Igwe.

Some still call him the Young Igwe but an Igwe is just an Igwe, once he ascends to the throne. Whether young or old he is just an Igwe and now Murozvi Mukuru’s music can be heard loudly in cars, homes and bars. Peter faced various setbacks in his camp and this could have delayed the release of the album. Major among the setbacks was Moyo’s voice. A producer told the musician that his vocals were not fit for the studio, at least he was honest with him and Moyo had to undergo vocal tutorials by Charamba.

Besides the vocal challenges, some unfortunate incidents shook the Utakataka Express ship. Key band members, Spencer Khumulani, Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika and Gaison Sixpense deserted Moyo. He had to start afresh and this was not an easy task because those that left were key members of his band.

A few months down the line, his new-look band was involved in an accident while returning from a music gala. Most of the band members were injured and the ship almost sunk. Moyo has braved all these challenges and his day of reckoning has come. This shows the young musician has become his own man and will only get better with more albums and time.

Commenting on his album, Peter said he worked hard as he wanted to produce a perfect product. He said the release of the album was the beginning of good things to come.

“I stayed locked at home with the band rehearsing. It was hard work because Iam determined to preserve my late father’s legacy. It is always good to compose new songs and I have a number of songs on the album that are dedicated to my father,” said Peter.

It is too early to start comparing Peter with his late father because it took long for Tongai to reach the stage he was at the time of his death.
Tongai had set his own standards and this is just the beginning for Peter. Charamba recently implored music fans not to compare Peter to his father because the two were gifted differently.

“Those who often criticise me are not in my camp, they want to see my downfall and those who encourage me are the ones I know are my true fans. I take constructive criticism but people should appreciate that when I took over this band I was doing things different from music,” said Peter.

He called on his supporters to stand by him and his band, saying they should keep supporting Utakataka Express as a lot of good things were in store for them.

“So far so good mudhara, vanhu ngavarambe vakamira nesu and isu tichavabikira mumhanzi like mudhara Macheso said, chedu kubvonga vanodya vodya kushata kana nhapi tapi vachadudzira ivo”, said Peter with confidence.

Speaking on shows, Peter said they have plans to hold shows around the country and promised to visit all Utakataka fans in different parts of the country.

Judging from his first offering, Peter has a lot to offer to his fans and only time will improve him. Songs like Pasirino and Mira Newako truly shows how gifted Peter is. From the instrumental arrangement, to the vocals, one can see, it is actually a matter of time before he gets to the standards set by his father.

Mutare-based musician Brian Samaita who was a close friend to Peter’s father said he had high hopes for the young musician’s debut album.
“I have worked with Peter on a number of shows and I am convinced his new songs will appeal to the market,” Samaita said.

The fans have received the album and many are agreed that this is the Great Medicine, Mushonga Mukuru, they have been waiting for since Tongai Dhewa Moyo passed on.

Only time will tell if this is a one off from Peter but from the look of things, the Igwe has ideas for the future.

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