Plot Mhako’s Kombi Station a game-changer Plot Mhako

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent
MULTI-TALENTED award-winning arts journalist and creative director Plot Mhako, is about to change the game with the introduction of the Kombi Station, a unique platform where artistes from different corners of the country are being profiled.

As the name suggests, the interviews are being held through a drive in a kombi, something that was popularised locally by Acie Lumumba’s The Lumumba Files Drive show that was a hit two years ago.

However, Germany-based Mhako who is in the country has taken this concept a step further by driving to several parts of the country, a move that has been welcomed by many.

The Kombi Station was in Bulawayo last week, where several artistes, both established and up-and-coming lined up to share their stories with the hope to make their brands known.

Among those who were interviewed were Vusa Mkhaya, Rockie Doub, Zenzo Nyathi, Vuyo Brown, Qeqe, iamBrilliant, Tinashe Basa, Volcanic, Bheki, Vinnie King, Novuyo Seagirl, Stewie LeSavage, Mimmie Tarukwana, Rudo Amor, Indigo Saint, Young Peace, BMC, Muse, Icon, Murphy Cubic, Sage M-One and Laynash.

Plot Mhako with Vusa Mkhaya

In an interview with Mhako at the Bulawayo Theatre where the Kombi Station conducted some of its interviews, he took time to share his plans.

Popularly known through his Jibilika Dance Trust initiative that he founded in 2007, the arts activist who runs the fast-growing earGROUND online media company said the Kombi Station is an initiative aimed at empowering young artistes and giving them digital space to breakthrough.

“This is a platform which was born from the streets and is an extension of earGROUND. It seeks to amplify the voices of creatives especially the young ones.

“The kombi is derived from the minibuses which have played a very important role in terms of transporting not only people, but music and cultural products,” said Mhako.

He said the idea to have the show on a kombi came about following the support the mode of transportation offered to artistes through spreading their works across societies.

“A lot of music became hits with the aid of kombis. Drivers and conductors worked so hard towards this achievement over the years, something most people hadn’t even noticed,” Mhako said.

True to Mhako’s words, kombis have always been supportive of artistes’ works as they blaze their music as they ferry people. Other than that, several of them have often put up artistes’ show posters when a new album is being launched or for any other marketing purposes.

So far, Mhako said the Kombi has been to Gweru, Kadoma, Chegutu, Kwekwe and Bulawayo, having started in the capital city.

He said the idea to come to Bulawayo was because the city is the home of arts and culture.

“Bulawayo is the cultural hub of Zimbabwe. This is where the finest and successful artistes in Zimbabwe come from and that’s undisputed. The artistes making rounds overseas and securing tours there are mostly from Bulawayo.

Even high profile artistes like Jah Prayzah shoot videos this side because of the creativity,” said Mhako.

Commenting on the journey thus far, Mhako said: “Honestly, the whole journey has been amazing as we’ve managed to have a lot of interviews with very talented individuals.”

He said his interviews are open to all artistes from across sectors as he wants to support and give them a digital space that some have failed to access because of monetary  issues.

“The project that has a team of six is self-financed through social management that we do for many companies,” he   said.

The Kombi Station is set to première on earGROUND platforms on September 1. Mhako has hit the right chord with this concept as the show has secured a sponsor with more players trickling in to support the initiative that is definitely going to change the game. — @mthabisi_mthire.

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