Pokello’s father speaks out

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Pokello’s father speaks out Rtd Col George Nare

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Rtd Col George Nare

Rtd Col George Nare

Prosper Ndlovu Senior Reporter
ZIMBABWE’s representative in Big Brother Africa (BBA) The Chase, Pokello Nare has her roots in Matabeleland South’s Gwanda district.
This was revealed by her father, Retired Colonel George Nare in an exclusive interview on Tuesday. Retired Colonel Nare appealed to Zimbabweans to support his daughter and save her from eviction this weekend.
“We are of a royal descent, the Babirwa Clan in the lineage of Sikoba Morole, the chief of the Babirwas, who is now based in Botswana,” said Rtd Col Nare.

“We are Sotho by origin and we come from Manama area in rural Gwanda in Matabeleland South.”
Rtd Col Nare said the survival of the 27-year-old Pokello in the prime reality show hinged on the support she gets from home and Africa as a whole.

The visibly excited Rtd Col Nare, now a successful farmer and miner in Esigodini, said he was confident that his daughter would make Zimbabwe proud by winning the $300 000 prize. “I am so happy that my daughter has been nominated to represent Zimbabwe in (BBA). As her father, I fully support her in her quest to realise her dream on the show,” said Rtd Col Nare.

“I want Pokello to win that $300 000 prize. I vote for her everyday and appeal to fellow Zimbabweans from all walks of life to rally behind her. Asimsekeleni umntwana ngowethu.

“I do not want publicity for myself but for my country, which my daughter is representing. She is like an ambassador and needs our  support so that she does not get evicted.”

Pokello is up for possible eviction this Sunday after getting the highest number of nominations in the Ruby House this week.
However, Rtd Col Nare said he believed Pokello has what it takes to win the big prize and raise the Zimbabwean flag high. He described her as a brave fighter.

Commenting on his daughter’s 2010 sex tape incident, Rtd Col Nare said Pokello was a mature person who should not be judged by what she does in private.

He said the incident does not mean she was of loose morals as she had a boyfriend and was enjoying herself in private.
“The video footage was not meant for public consumption and the person who leaked it should be guilty of character assassination. My daughter has a strong personality and would not be weakened by that. She is a successful businesswoman,” said Rtd Col Nare.

He said his daughter was a unique person who would not change her behaviour overnight.
Said Rtd Col Nare: “Personally I am not a BBA fan but as her biological father, Pokello has made me fall in love with the show. So far I am happy with the way she has conducted herself. “People should understand what she is and she cannot pretend to be something else just because she is on the screen. She should be supported for what she is.”

Pokello did her primary and secondary education at Kyle College in Masvingo Province and is a holder of a degree in Media and Communication Science from a South African university.

She is the first born to Rtd Col Nare and Ms Bessy Muzvidzwa, a Harare businesswoman. However, the two separated.
Rtd Col Nare’s other children with the woman he is married to are  Lerato, Teboho and Uratile.

For those that would want to vote for Pokello, they can vote for her via SMS, one needs to send the words “VOTE POKELLO” to these short code numbers, Econet 33334, Netone 15626, or Telecel 15626. They can also log into the BBA.

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