Police acquire latest surveillance equipment Deputy Commissioner-General Learn Ncube

Nqobile Tshili, Chronicle Reporter 

THE Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has acquired the latest surveillance equipment to aid officers execute their duties in line with international standards.

Deputy Commissioner-General Learn Ncube revealed this yesterday at the end of a week-long rebranding and refresher course for 55 senior officers at Ntabazinduna Training Depot.

He said latest technologies are essential for the operations of any modern police organisation.

“As an organisation we are aware that for the rebranding exercise to be successful we should be well resourced. Without doubt policing requires timeous deployment of necessary equipment. In these contemporary times we are living in, our police service must have modern tools of trade such as drones, helicopters, vehicles and surveillance cameras to mention just a few. In addition our police officers should be provided with a decent office and residential accommodation,” said Deputy Comm-Gen Ncube.

He said police were satisfied that Government has committed and pledged to resource the police force.

 Deputy Comm-Gen Ncube said they will continue to engage Government through the office of the Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage Cde Cain Mathema to fulfill the pledges.

He said so far police have acquired the latest surveillance equipment and some officers are already being trained to use it.

Deputy Comm-Gen Ncube however, did not reveal the kind of surveillance equipment the organisation has acquired, only stating that the public will be notified of the developments in due course. 

 “Government has pledged to assist us by provision of the latest technologies, let me share with the house that we have since received some latest surveillance gadgets and we have some officers who are undergoing training in terms of the usage of that equipment and indeed our performance will be improved,” he said.

Deputy Comm-Gen Ncube equated the police rebranding exercise to a life cycle of an eagle.

He said as an eagle gets old, it loses its strength and has to reinvent itself through a gruelling exercise or risk death. 

“This shows the importance of making choices, its either you die or undergo this painful exercise of rebranding. Definitely as an organisation, we have seen it fit to say let us undergo this painful exercise. It’s an exercise which as an organisation we see prudent to undergo for our survival,” said Deputy Comm-Gen Ncube. 

He said police play a critical role in the country’s national development agenda.

Deputy Com-Gen Ncube said both foreign and local investors should feel safe in pouring their investments into the country. 

“Investors are reluctant to put their wealth in a crime prone environment. Equally, communities abhor crime. In the Zimbabwe we want as espoused in vision 2030, the police should remain a symbol of peace and a place of refuge,” said Deputy Com-Gen Ncube.

Police Commissioner-General Godwin Matanga officially opened the rebranding refresher course training on Tuesday and revealed that the ZRP had started implementing recommendations made to it by the Commission of inquiry that was chaired by former South Africa President Kgalema Motlanthe.

The commendations include equipping the police with the necessary skills and capacity for dealing with rioters, further training in order to be professional and non-partisan in the interests of national cohesion, the protection of all citizens as well as preventing corporate failings in the future.—@nqotshili

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