Police ambush and arrest notorious thieves after shooting tyres of getaway vehicle Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko

Michael Magoronga, [email protected]

Police in Gweru arrested a five-member gang from Bulawayo that was wanted for a spate of thefts from motor vehicles in the Midlands.

Alert members of the Gweru Criminal Investigations (CID) officers arrested the five after shooting and deflating the tyres of a vehicle they were in as they plotted their next move.

Dennis Gumbie (43) of Mzilikazi Bulawayo, Godknows Tshamala (32) of Entumbane Bulawayo, Khanyiso Ndlovu (26) of Emganwini, Bulawayo, Knowledge Tsiga (40) of Entumbane Bulawayo and Patrick Sibanda (24) of Old Lobengula were all arrested while parked in a Honda Fit vehicle in the Gweru city centre.

Midlands Police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko said the arrest cleared a number of thefts from motor vehicles in and around Gweru.

“The five suspects were arrested by the police detectives while they were looking for their next target. The detectives had spotted the vehicle whose occupants had been on the run in connection with two cases of theft from motor vehicles which occurred on 17 and 30 October 2023,” said Insp Mahoko.

The detectives surrounded the motor vehicle and fired two shots which deflated two front tyres and subdued and arrested all the five suspects.

“Searches led to the recovery of remote sensor unlocking devices, T-bar devices used to force open car doors and a Colombian knife. The suspects also led the detectives to the recovery of laptops and tablets which had been sold at Bahadur Centre in Gweru,” said Insp Mahoko.

It was also discovered that the vehicle they were using had number plates which belonged to another vehicle.

Two more vehicle registration plates were also discovered.

The suspects are expected to appear in court soon.

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