Pragji prepares for endurance race

27 Nov, 2019 - 00:11 0 Views
Pragji prepares for endurance race

The Chronicle

Ronald Mashinga, Sports Reporter

DARREN Pragji is preparing for the three-hour Bulawayo Endurance race at Bulawayo Motorsport Park on December 7.

This year will be Pragji’s 12th back-to-back race in the 50th edition of the endurance race. He recently took part in the Total Peter Parnell Trophy held at Bulawayo Motorsport Park (formerly the Victoria Falls road circuit).

“I did 10 of my races in my trusted Datsun 1200, which will be driven by my good friend Ian Cordingley, who is coming down from Australia to race in the 50th endurance race. This year I am going to be driving in my VW Polo 6R and I am hoping for a good result. Good luck to all the drivers and riders, keep it on the black stuff,” Pragji said.

The racing tourney will see car drivers and superbike riders from South Africa, Australia, Germany and Zimbabwe battling it out.

The event will start with the sprint races followed by the one-hour bike racing and then the main event, the three-hour race for car drivers.

Harare racer Stuart Haddon won last year’s edition of the three-hour race in a turbocharged Toyota Corolla, which he shared with teammates Ian Howden and Richard Robinson.

The tourney aims to promote the motorsport in two-wheel and four-wheel racing.

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