President directs Ministers

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President directs Ministers President Emmerson Mnangagwa

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President Emmerson Mnangagwa

President Emmerson Mnangagwa

Prosper Ndlovu, recently in Maputo, Mozambique
PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has directed ministers to work hard and deliver quality services to the people saying his administration will not tolerate failure to implement set Government programmes.

Speaking during his visit to Mozambique where he met his counterpart Cde Filipe Nyusi and Zimbabweans resident in that country on Wednesday, President Mnangagwa said Ministers must deliver.

He said failure to implement good decisions should be a thing of the past.

The President challenged those who hold positions of authority to meet their mandate to deliver  service to the people.

“I am not a slave master but a hard worker. I make ministers work and if they work hard their subordinates would also work hard. The positions we have are positions of duty and not dominance,” said President Mnangagwa who also called on all Zimbabweans, including the Diaspora community to play their part and contribute to national development.

“Myself and President Nyusi had time to share our vision and ideas and exchanged notes on the scope of our cooperation. We have said we don’t want to be failed by ministers. Good decisions that remain unfulfilled are a thing of the past. As Presidents we demand delivery of service to our people and shall not tolerate unfulfilled actions by ministers.

“We want action, action and more action to deliver and so our relations must find vindication in economic terms not just talk.”

Cde Mnangagwa has already shown determination to lead by example since assuming office and has already assigned Cabinet ministers short to medium term tasks under the 100-day framework that seeks to quicken economic turnaround efforts and improve livelihoods for ordinary Zimbabweans.

The President has also declared zero tolerance against corruption and has since activated all systems to weed out graft, which has stained the country’s image and is blamed for retarding growth. As such, he said Zimbabwe must move forward in unity and peace.

“Let us start on a new page and move forward, replace hate speech with love and disrespect with respect. We must as a people be proud to be Zimbabweans and everyone must feel he or she is an important cog of the nation,” said the President.

He reiterated that Zimbabwe was open for business and to that end Government was rolling out a number of reform processes to entice investment and ensure that Zimbabwe competes with other states in the global village. President Mnangagwa also said Government would forge ahead with amendments to the indigenisation regulations in which the 51/49 percent shareholding ration has been restricted to diamonds and platinum mining only. He, however, said the land reform programme would not be reversed saying its implementation was at the heart of the liberation struggle. Positive goodwill from across the globe continues to pour for Cde Mnangagwa’s administration, which experts say is a strong indicator Zimbabwe is back on the international map after years of isolation.

“With the gains achieved so far in food production under the Command Agriculture and growth in key sectors such as mining, tourism and to a certain extent manufacturing, the President said Gross Domestic Product, was likely to grow beyond the projected 4,5 percent this year.

The President said through hard work and ongoing reforms, Zimbabwe could quickly reverse stagnation and overtake some of the regional counterparts in terms of development.

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