President God-given — Magaya

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President God-given — Magaya Walter Magaya

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Prophet Walter Magaya

Prophet Walter Magaya

Petros Zivengwa Harare Bureau
PROPHETIC Healing Deliverance Ministries (PHD) founder Prophet Walter Magaya, has implored Zimbabweans to remain united under the leadership of President Mugabe.

Speaking to our Harare Bureau after briefing journalists about the developments in his church including the third all-night prayer to be held today, Prophet Magaya said there was no better leader than President Mugabe whom he described as “God-given.”

“There is no better leader than President Mugabe because leaders are placed in such positions by God. They are occupying such positions because God wants them to lead the nation so if there is someone better, God will place him/her as well in the future,” he said.

Prophet Magaya urged Zimbabweans to shun the syndrome of pulling others down and called on them to embrace the spirit of togetherness and support for each other for the betterment of the country.

He called on Zimbabweans to remain peaceful, united and confident of their leaders in the face of economic and political problems obtaining in the country.

Prophet Magaya said divisions and arguments were normal and healthy in politics, adding it was a platform for leaders to discuss and reach common ground.

“What is happening is normal in the political cycles and it is better for them (politicians ) to meet a common ground. It is better since we have peace compared to other nations and we will keep on praying for peace in the country, ” he said.

There have been demonstrations and some violent clashes in political parties in Zimbabwe’s body politic as belligerents fought to outwit each other.

“Some people get shocked when they come to Zimbabwe and find out that Zimbabwe is a peaceful country, they actually aspire to be Zimbabweans so we must be proud of ourselves,” he said.

Prophet Magaya called on Zimbabweans not to panic and that the future of the country hinged on the formulation of policies by leadership and support by the majority of the people.

“Zimbabweans must not panic and as a man of God l am optimistic that everything is and shall be well. It is a normal thing to get a common ground,” Prophet Magaya said.

Earlier on Prophet Magaya addressed journalists at his church in Waterfalls about the Third All- Night Prayer today expected to attract thousands of people.

“Last year we 55,000 people and this time we are expecting more than 200,000 people coming from all walks of life. The ZRP gave us 120 police officers and we also have 500 marshals from our church who will maintain order for the smooth flow of events,” he said.

He also said that his ministry had a department to protect and look after lost children.

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