President Mnangagwa declares drought a Nationwide State of Disaster

Bongokuhle Moyo, Online Writer

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa has declared a nationwide State of Disaster in Zimbabwe due to the severe drought caused by the El Niño weather phenomenon.

In a statement, the President emphasized the urgent need for measures and interventions to address the dire situation brought about by climate change.

“Dear Zimbabweans; The foregoing situation of the climate change induced drought requires measures and interventions as provided for in our laws. To that end, I do hereby declare a nationwide State of Disaster,  due to the El Nino- induced drought,”  read the statement.

The declaration of a State of Disaster enables the government to mobilize resources and implement emergency measures to mitigate the impact of the drought on the population. The El Niño-induced drought has led to water scarcity, crop failure, and a significant threat to food security in the country.

President Mnangagwa’s declaration underscores the Government’s commitment to prioritise the well-being of Zimbabweans and take decisive action in the face of environmental challenges. The Government is working closely with relevant agencies, international partners, and local communities to provide assistance, relief, and support to those affected by the drought.

Sustained efforts are being made to ensure the availability of clean water, promote sustainable agricultural practices, and provide food aid to vulnerable communities. Additionally, the Government is implementing long-term strategies to build resilience against future climate-related disasters.



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