‘President Mugabe: Africa’s last hero’ President Peter Mutharika
President Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika

From Munyaradzi Huni in New York, US
MALAWIAN President Professor Mutharika says President Mugabe’s rich history makes him the only remaining hero of African nationalism.

He said he always cherished meetings with President Mugabe whom he described as “the last man standing’’, adding he learns a lot from the African icon.

President Mugabe and his Malawian counterpart are in New York attending the 72nd session of the United Nations General Assembly, which started on Tuesday.

Speaking after visiting President Mugabe at his hotel, the Malawian leader said Zimbabwe and Malawi have a long history that will never be forgotten.

“We spoke about about Malawi and Zimbabwe. The long history. You know President Mugabe is my brother. Zimbabwe and Malawi are almost one country. No conflict, no dispute whatsoever. Hundred percent friendship.

“I would like to come to Zimbabwe and he also wants to come to Malawi. We spoke about the continued exchange of our visits in the near future,” said Prof Mutharika.

Turning to his meetings with President Mugabe, he said: “I always learn so much from him. You know he has such a rich history. He is the only remaining hero of African nationalism, the struggle for independence. He is the last man standing. He has such a rich history of Africa.

“Each time I meet him I learn so much. He gives us a perspective of where we have come from. I am always excited to meet him.”

The Malawian leader has continued to disappoint the West that was hoping they would use him to strain relations between Malawi and Zimbabwe. Instead he has spoken openly about the heroism of his Zimbabwean counterpart.

After attending the 70th session of the UN General Assembly in New York two years go, Prof Mutharika spoke about his country’s close relations with Zimbabwe.

“We have excellent relations with Zimbabwe. We have never had any problems … In the whole African Union I think it is clear that President Mugabe is seen as a real hero you know, when he speaks everyone listens because he has such a rich history of the struggle against colonialism. I think he symbolises that generation of very great African leaders,” said the Malawian leader at that time.

Despite efforts to cause divisions between the two countries, the Malawian government has maintained strong ties with Zimbabwe.

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