Presidential empowerment programme rolls out in Matabeleland North

07 Feb, 2023 - 13:02 0 Views
Presidential empowerment programme rolls out in Matabeleland North Cde Dorah Msimanga

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Leonard Ncube, Online Reporter

COMMUNITIES in Matabeleland North will soon benefit from goat and chicken rearing programmes.

Matabeleland North Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minster Richard Moyo said the two projects are part of Presidential projects aimed at empowering communities.

He was speaking at the recent Zanu-PF inter district meeting in Hwange.

Minster Moyo who is also the party’s provincial chair for Matabeleland North said women and youth will be prioritised.

“There is a chicken project that is coming where each beneficiary will get 10 chickens, which is nine hens and a cock. There will also be goats that will be given to you and a male goat will be centralised at the village head’s for the benefit of the whole community. This is for empowerment of our community,” he said.

The Minister warned against corruption in roll out of the programme.

He said where there is corruption deserving people fail to benefit and such programmes usually fail to realise their goals.

“When the project starts, let’s desist from corrupt dealings whereby some people have allocated all regalia and inputs to themselves. Some would even loot inputs and allocate to their children, let’s not do that.

Members of the Zanu-PF Women’s League will benefit from a chickens and goat project

“When the President is bringing these programmes, he is not focusing on individuals or families but he is looking at the whole community. The idea of the chicken and goat programme is to change and improve breeds in our communities and grow the national herd,” said Minister Moyo.

Speaking on the same platform, Cde Dorah Msimanga from Zanu-PF Women’s Wing encouraged women to grab opportunities availed by Government and the party.

She said Hwange district had performed well in previous projects.

“My message for women has always been to encourage them not to be in anyone’s pocket. Let’s go out and work and embrace these empowerment opportunities. So far Hwange was the best in the province on the previous chicken project and let’s continue to acquire skills and knowledge so that we get empowered,” she said.


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