Quartet of designers fights racism with fabric

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Quartet of designers fights racism with fabric Antiracist Clothing owners

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Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
WHEN masses are disgruntled with someone or something, they often carry placards, protest and sing on the streets, but a quartet of Bulawayo designers is fighting racism through their apparel.

In 2020, four designers came up with an idea to establish a company that would send a strong message against any racial discrimination in a world where racial tensions are now the order of the day.

Maclean Ncube, Prince T Maruta, Brandon Mubaiwa and Tamuka Sigauke are the brains behind the Anti-Racist Clothing line.

“Anti-Racist Clothing is all about speaking out against racism through fashion. We’re all about making people look good while spreading a message, you can call it meaningful drip. We believe that an individual should be treated as an individual not according to colour or tribe. Ultimately all lives are important and we’re sending that message through fashion,” said Ncube.

He said their company offers a wide range of clothing pieces engraved with the words “Anti-Racist” to emphasise their main message, that of shunning racial discrimination in the society.

“We currently offer hoodies, t-shirts, crop tops, crop hoodies, shorts, tracksuits, cargo pants and sweaters just to name a few and these all have that message against racism. Our must-have is probably the vintage X design, the long sleeve and the latest designs which were dropped in the new year.

“Our huge selling point is our authenticity. Our designs are original. We’re a brand that started really small and how we’ve grown serves as an inspiration to the other brands which have since been formed because of us.”

Within the two years that the company has been in operation, hurdles have been part of the journey and financial constraints have underpinned the era.

“Capital has been a problem since this is a self-funded project. The lockdown as well hasn’t made it an easy. We’ve been constantly working hand to mouth which is not sustainable, however through sacrifice, hard work and determination, we’ve managed to grow the brand nationally in the streets despite these challenges. The plan going forward is to open our own shop,” Ncube said.

Moving forward, the quartet who are Midlands State University and National University of Science and Technology students wants to establish a podcast where they will discuss pertinent issues in society, street culture and a lot more. The fashion designers who are fascinated by gadgets are consultants as well. — @eMKlass_49

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