Rainbow Amateur Netball League & Zimbabwe Netball Association feud continues

Sikhumbuzo Moyo, Senior Sports Reporter
The Glow Petroleum Rainbow Amateur Netball League (RANL) has requested a copy of the Zimbabwe Netball Association (Zina) to ascertain what section it violated in forming the breakaway league.

Zina has continuously refused to register RANL as an independent league affiliate, claiming it retains the sole right and authority of running netball in the country and the formation of RANL is illegal.

In response to RANL’s request for registration last week, Zina stuck to its guns.

“We are writing to them to furnish us with their current constitution for ease of reference,” said RANL secretary-general Moses Gukumere.
The animosity between Zina and RANL has been brewing since the formation of the breakaway league.

In 2019 Zina secretary-general Barbra Rice even threatened clubs that their players will not be considered for national teams’ if they participated in RANL.

Her threats never saw any light as players refused to be intimidated.



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