Rally behind ED: Byo mayor

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Rally behind ED: Byo mayor Bulawayo Mayor Councillor Martin Moyo

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Councillor Martin Moyo

Councillor Martin Moyo

Pamela Shumba, Senior Reporter
BULAWAYO Mayor Councillor Martin Moyo has urged Zimbabweans to embrace the new dispensation and give President Emmerson Mnangagwa a chance to implement his programme of action.

Clr Moyo said President Mnangagwa is “properly oriented” and has brought hope to the country and as such he needs to be given maximum support.

Clr Moyo was addressing residents at the Small City Hall yesterday during the Rapid Results Approach review, which was launched in October.

“There are a lot of negative comments on social media. Yes, the new President is not a saint but from what we have heard from him as of now, he means well and he must be given a chance.

“Sometimes it’s not healthy when we become negative. It’s like we want to incite others and promote unnecessary hatred,” said Clr Moyo.

He said although he would be voting “for his own president” in the 2018 elections, he was optimistic about the new dispensation and urged all Zimbabweans to rally behind President Mnangagwa.

“We’re optimistic but of course come 2018 election I’m voting my own president. I call myself MDC and other people call themselves Zanu-PF but we’re one people and we should be able to interact and share ideas for the benefit of the country,” said Clr Moyo.

He commended President Mnangagwa’s speech, saying it brought hope to the people.

“This is a welcome development. The inauguration of the new President last Friday I must say it was beautiful. Everyone was there, with no political regalia. We were all wearing one identity and that was being Zimbabwean.

“The heavy CIO presence was absent. We went into the stadium freely. People were only flashing their identity cards and they were allowed in. This is the beginning of a new attitude and spirit in Zimbabwe,” he said.

Clr Moyo, who attended the new president’s inauguration ceremony said President Mnangagwa spoke about unity in the country.

“He also spoke about a political system that had been poisoned, which he wants to sanitise and I think the sanitisation already started at the National Sports Stadium because there was absolutely no reference to any political party. This is positive and indicates good direction for the nation.

“He also spoke about zero tolerance to corruption and diligence amongst civil servants. Another thing that I found positive was reaching out to the international community including those countries who had punished us in the past,” said Clr Moyo.

He said it was a positive development that dialogue was being created so that the country does not continue to be regarded as a pariah state.

“We need to take our position and be part of the international community. This will improve the inflow of foreign currency and investments into the country. Our problem towards other countries has been a negative attitude.

“Every time the former President opened his mouth he had insults for certain countries in the West and this made it difficult for us to build friendships with other countries. The new President, according to his inaugural speech is properly oriented,” said Clr Moyo.

He said one of the developments that make him positive about the future is the pledge to respect the Constiution.


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