Rapper IBA_BLOOD drops single

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Rapper IBA_BLOOD drops single IBA_BLOOD

The Chronicle

Mbulelo Mpofu, Chronicle Reporter
MIDNIGHT is time for sleep for most, if not all of us, save for a few individuals who prefer to go to work.

One of the selected nocturnal workaholics happens to be IBA_BLOOD (real name Mpumelelo Faris Ndebele).

When you are probably having sweet dreams, the rapper is busy on the grind, producing some ear-rippling music.

His new project titled 12AM bears testimony of his work ethic.

In the hood, the dominant music genre happens to be hip-hop which serves as a booth to social commentary.

“The track is all about the hustle that people from the ghetto get into. It doesn’t matter the time because life is hard in the hood so one has to wake up even at 12am to hustle,” the rapper explained.

He added that the song seeks to debunk an age-old stereotype that is attached to people from the ghetto who are considered as “thugs, hooligans, social misfits” and everything in between.

“This stereotype of being labelled as thugs should be done away with as it is not always the case. The issue is not a one size fits all.”

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered at Konnect Records by Tazz.

The single was released on the 17th of September on YouTube.

The project is IBA_BLOOD’s fifth single after dropping Don Dadda, Mali, The return and also Black en Strange.

The Iminyela suburb resident has always been a fan of hip-hop.

“All along, I have been known as Prince of Peace (POP), but with me using IBA_BLOOD now, I’m game for new challenges and a new sound now,” echoed the 23-year-old.

The song is a prelude to another song that the rapper will release next month which will be entitled Worse. — eMKlass_49

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