Rapper Oxzy releases Dollar for Two video

27 Sep, 2021 - 00:09 0 Views
Rapper Oxzy releases Dollar for Two video Othiniel Mpofu aka Oxzy

The Chronicle

Mbulelo Mpofu, Showbiz Reporter
RAPPER Othiniel Mpofu, popularly known as Oxzy, has retaken Zimbabweans to a past they prefer to forget – the time when hyperinflation was wreaking havoc – by releasing a video for the single ‘Dollar for Two’.

The single ‘Dollar for Two’ was released in September last year and it is based on the period when the economic situation in Zimbabwe was harsh.

The video will be released today on YouTube. It was shot in the streets of Sekusile in Nkulumane 5 and Bullet shopping centre.

“Dollar for Two is a song which speaks about the situation of inflation in Zimbabwe and how it affected people’s daily lives. It talks about the struggles that people faced when there was an economic meltdown with prices skyrocketing.

The ‘Dollar for Two’ pricing just disappeared after that,” said the rapper.
Maxwell Chimanga shot the video whilst Oxzy directed and edited the clips himself, a clear indication of his artistic acumen.

The song is the reason why the rapper got into the Voice to Represent (Voice2Rep) joint initiative between Magamba & Accountability Lab Zimbabwe last year where he made a top 10 finish.

The release of Oxzy’s video comes just days after he spearheaded a philanthropic drive to lend a hand for the less unfortunate in his community.  —  @eMKlass_49

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