Rejoicing with others

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Romans 12 vs 15
“Rejoice with those who rejoice.”

THERE are times when we find it difficult to rejoice in the joy of other people. Oftentimes it’s because you feel they have received something you really deserved. It’s not always easy to see someone thriving with the opportunities, victories, and recognition that you want for your life but how you handle other people’s success, especially when things may not be going so well for you, is an indicator of your maturity and your faith in God.

Don’t see another person’s win as a loss for you, you plant the seed of resentment and envy. We need to repent from such attitudes. Rather let it ignite hope for the victory coming in your time of harvest. Just because someone else got a blessing does not mean yours has been forfeited. As children of God, we are called to rejoice when things are going well for others, regardless of the state of our own affairs. It may be challenging sometimes but it requires us to die to ourselves and have God resurrect His character and His ways in us. Pray and ask Him to search your heart and remove anything that is not pleasing to Him.

When you learn to cheer for others, God will give you your own victories. Always remember that you reap what you sow; when you practice what God requires from you, you always get something in return. Go ahead and be happy for someone today, continue to do so and watch what God will do for you.
Be blessed.

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