Reprieve for lower divisions

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Reprieve for lower divisions

The Chronicle

Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter
ZIFA Southern Region Division One Soccer League’s executive committee met on Saturday in Hwange, to map the way forward on football restart.

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) granted the authority for resumption of lower leagues of domestic football in a letter dated October 21.

This should be a relief for lower leagues which have gone for almost two years without action.

Numerous attempts to kick-start activities have previously hit a brickwall, as authorities felt that the best way was to use the topflight league as a yardstick to check the readiness of football return after Covid-19.

The SRC also approved resumption of football activities to registered football academies.
“With reference to the above matter;

The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC)hereby gives you notice, following your application, that the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation has approved and granted a special waiver for your application to resume the below listed football activities and lower leagues for registered football academies attached.

“Approved football leagues; Northern Region League, Eastern Region League, Southern Region League, Central Region League, Zimbabwe Women Soccer League, Harare Province League, Manicaland Province League and Registered Academies (attached),” reads the SRC letter.

The sports authority said the return of activities shall follow World Health Organisation guidelines on safe resumption of sport, approved protocols, national legislation and policy directives, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), International Federation protocols relating to the prevention and containment of COVID-19.
The SRC issued the following conditions:

“1. All players, including children aged 14 and above, are encouraged to have been vaccinated and organisers to provide relevant vaccination certificates and statistics to SRC,

“2. All players, including children under the age of 14 years are to adhere to all Covid-19 protocols as appropriate,

“3. All athletes, coaches and officials to produce negative Covid-19 test result taken 48 hours before the event and submit copies to SRC,

“4. All event staff to have been vaccinated before the tournament,

“5. Participants to observe strict social distancing throughout the lead up to as well as during the event,

“6. NO spectators in excess of 100 FULLY vaccinated guests will be allowed at matches and applications for spectators exceeding this threshold (100 fans) should be made to the
Commission in writing (separately),

“7. Compliance officers and event staff to be present at arrival point for registration and sanitisation of participants, record temperature and generally observe compliance with Covid-
19 protocols,

“8. All participants to strictly adhere to WHO and MoHCC protocols for mitigating the spread of Covid-19,

“9. All participants to have face masks on hand and use hand sanitizer – face masks to be worn if warranted by physical distancing constraints,

“10. Physical distancing of +2m to be observed when not in active participation,

“11. Regular wiping and cleaning of equipment and facility surfaces with an alcohol-based sanitizer,

“12. Sharing of water bottles and other personal items strictly prohibited,

“13. Organisers to sensitize and educate all participants, venue operators and accommodation providers about Covid-19 through various media such as signage, fliers, posters etc.

“14. Be guided by the Ministry of Health and Child Care on local health measures and Government declarations at the time of the event,

“15. Be guided by the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage who control and facilitate movement of people into, out of and within the country,” the SRC wrote.  — @ZililoR

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