Observe rule of law: Murerwa

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Observe rule of law: Murerwa

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the land reform programme, Acting Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Minister Herbert Murerwa has said.
He said Government was also exploring ways of dealing with challenges facing farmers, such as access to finance and viable markets.
Addressing farmers from across Zimbabwe at a Seed Co field day at Arnold Rattray Research Station yesterday, Minister Murerwa said the law rule of law should prevail.
“Government does not condone unprocedural land occupations as this can only undermine the land reform programme,” he said.
Minister Murerwa said the Government said any boundary disputes should be put before lands officers for determination.
He said Government was looking at the security of tenure for all farmers.
“Currently, we are reviewing the 99-year lease to make it bankable.
“However, the processing of 99-year leases is ongoing and I would like to urge farmers to apply.”
He said Government was concerned with unscrupulous middlemen who were ripping off farmers.
“We will not hesitate to come down hard on unscrupulous buyers and other players who may be tempted to shortchange our farmers.
“I am sure the measures we have taken on tobacco have sent the right signals, and this is necessary because our economy is heavily dependant on the success of farmers.”
Minister Murerwa said Seed Co was geared to meet national seed requirements for maize, wheat and other crops.
“It is my pleasure that Seed Co growers have increased their production to 50 000 tonnes for the next summer maize crop, enough to plant two million hectares which if planted will be enough to feed our nation,” he said.
Seed Co field days provide farmers with an opportunity to witness the benefits of good farming practices as well as good choice of seed.
Minister Murerwa said they gave a platform to share ideas and gain practical knowledge.
“This kind of interaction will ensure that you as seed companies are aware of farmers’ aspirations and challenges in the use of your products, while we, as farmers are enriched through the shared experiences.”
Seed Co has introduced new hybrid maize seed, SC 533, SC608, SC637, SC719 and SC727 which offer significantly higher yields of up to 16 tonnes per hectare.
There are also new Soya bean varieties which are resistant to rust and do not require fungicide spraying.
The field day coincided with a Seed Co draw for the 2010 Murigadzose, Bumper to Bumper Harvest Promotion.
Farmers who bought at least 10kg of seed entered the draw.
Provincial winners and their Agritex officers received prices.
There were 13 prizes including the national first prize of a 75 HP tractor that was won by a farmer from Manicaland. The first runner-up walked away with a grinding mill and a generator. The second runner-up won a grinding mill and every provincial winner won a 5,5 KVA generator.
Thirteen Agritex officers won 125cc off-road motor bikes.

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