Residents to raise 200k for Mpilo

19 Feb, 2014 - 00:02 0 Views

The Chronicle

Yoliswa Dube Chronicle Reporter
BULAWAYO residents have given themselves a target to raise $200,000 to construct a pre-cast wall around Mpilo Central Hospital. Residents’ leaders from the city’s 29 wards met in Mpopoma on Sunday and resolved to participate in developing Mpilo Hospital. Bulawayo Residents’ Association (Bura) chairman Winos Dube said residents have committed themselves to the initiative meant to beef up security at the hospital.

“We want to build a perimeter wall as Bulawayo residents and make it a collective effort. Mpilo Central Hospital is our starting point and the beginning of more projects to be done by Bura,” Dube said.

“It is a goal we want to achieve as residents and we can do it. We must stand up and do things ourselves. Let us be our own masters and not rely entirely on government.”

Dube said residents would contribute $1 each for the project.
“The first step towards this project would be the purchasing of bricks. We are asking residents to contribute $1 towards this. Buy a brick and save life at Mpilo, protect Mpilo so as to save life,” he said.

Dube, however, bemoaned the state of roads around the city and challenged the council to address the problem with haste.
“Let us continue paying our rates so that we are able to demand quality service delivery,” he said.

Zimbabwe Association of Micro-Finance Institutions official George Nhepera who attended the meeting said his organisation was keen to work with residents in matters of development.

He said the informal sector should be given more loans to boost their businesses as they absorbed more people than formal entities.
Nhepera said micro-financing can be used as a means of eliminating poverty in light of the 2015 Millennium Development Goals.
“We are willing to work with Bura in order to help people in various communities around the city get loans,” he said.

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