Residents without tap water resort to vandalism

20 May, 2022 - 00:05 0 Views
Residents without tap water resort to vandalism Gwanda Mayor Clr Njabulo Siziba

The Chronicle

Sukulwenkosi Dube-Matutu, Chronicle Reporter
SOME residents in Gwanda living in areas that do not have water supply are vandalising pipes connected to the five megalitre reservoir to collect water for domestic use.

The residents are targeting a plastic pipe located outside the reservoir’s perimeter fence, in a bushy area. The municipality’s technical team has had to repair the damaged pipe on several occasions, which is costly.

Some houses in Spitzkop Suburb close to the reservoir are occupied but they do not have water supply as they have not been serviced. Most of such houses are being occupied by tenants while the owners live elsewhere.

In an interview Gwanda Mayor, Clr Njabulo Siziba said the municipality’s technical team has had to respond to the vandalised pipe on several occasions.

Gwanda Mayor, Clr Njabulo Siziba

“We have been facing a challenge of some residents that are vandalising the mainline which carries water from the five megalitre reservoir to houses. There is a plastic pipe which is connected to a steel pipe and PVC and the culprits are taking advantage of the plastic portion and they are breaking it in order to collect water,” he said.

“This is a setback as we are forced to go back and repair the damaged pipe to ensure undisrupted flow of water. We urge residents to be responsible because this project belongs to them and it’s meant to benefit them. If they don’t have water in their taps there is always an option of collecting water from boreholes. In the meantime, we will replace the plastic pipe with one made of steel so that people don’t vandalise it.”

He said some residents living in unserviced areas had agreed to use their funds to connect water and sewer as the municipality does not have funds.

Clr Siziba said council will then waive certain services when billing the residents.

Gwanda Municipality has received $77 million from Government towards upgrading the town’s water infrastructure.

The municipality is soon set to take over control of water management from the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa).

Zinwa was supposed to have handed over water systems to the Gwanda and Beitbridge municipalities by April 18. The water authority is reportedly still holding onto the plants due to unpaid bills. Gwanda Municipality owes Zinwa more than $270 million and will be required to pay $18 million per month to clear the debt. The municipality is owed $241 million by ratepayers.

The municipality has since engaged Treasury to pay $170 million owed to them by Government departments in the town to help clear the Zinwa debt.

The money will help ensure that the five megalitre reservoir which is set to bring water challenges in the town to an end becomes fully operational.

Minister July Moyo

The reservoir needs to be repaired as it has leakages.

Recently, Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo said Gwanda and Beitbridge municipalities must run their own water systems in order to solve the water supply challenges in the towns.

Minister Moyo said following various consultations, it had been agreed that the municipalities run their own water management systems. – @DubeMatutu.

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