Revellers party up a storm with Scorpion Kings

24 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Revellers party up a storm with Scorpion Kings

The Chronicle

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Reporter
At one point it seemed that the much-anticipated performance by the Scorpion Kings was not going to happen.

Police in Bulawayo for about three hours shut down the Scorpion Kings show on Saturday night as it was being held during curfew hours.

South Africa’s DJ Maphorisa and Kabza de Small were set to perform at Eyadini in what was billed as the biggest show after New Year’s.

Zimbabwe is under Level Two restrictions and one of which is a curfew from 10PM to 6AM, to curb the spread of Covid-19.
Scores of revellers had converged at the venue with some, like socialites, Power Circle’s Boss Tumelo and Chimpa travelling all the way from Harare to watch the two amapiano exponents.

All looked set for an epic night as many people made a beeline to the venue in anticipation of a memorable night.

Revellers started trickling in at around 5PM and some paid the US$20 entrance fee, while others had bought US$50 and US$100 tickets for VIP and VVIP respectively, all in the name of being at the centre of fun at the venue.
The music was kicking and revellers were dancing, the mood was building up, the vibe was correct and anticipation was at a high.

The setting and vibe were quite similar to that of the much-loved Kalawa Homecoming that most in the city dearly miss.

However, at around 9.30PM the police came to the venue and ordered organisers to shut down the music, much to the chagrin of the many revellers.

Commendably, most revellers kept their cool and opted to patiently wait for the party to resume. In yesteryears, this situation would have degenerated into violence but revellers were quite understanding.

However, after waiting for over an hour, some who were not so patient left the venue in a huff and went to other places around the city in search of fun.

Security details at the gates tried in vain to reassure them that things were under control and that the show would soon resume but, at the back of the minds of some revellers was what happened in Harare last year.

A show that had billed Major League DJs was shut down by police under similar circumstances. Revellers had bought tickets for the show and similar to the Bulawayo weekend gig, the vibe and setting were correct and 9PM, the cops shut down the show.

Promises by organisers in Harare and the Major League DJs to have a make-up show towards the end of December did not come to fruition and all who were in attendance lost their monies.

Also in Bulawayo, Munch and Sip was shut down by police prematurely under similar circumstances last year.

At the Scorpion Kings show, some negotiations ensued between police and organisers and after about two hours, music started thumping from the system. This was greeted by frenzied cheers. News trickled in on social media that the show was on and some who had left the venue made their way back to the Eyadini to finish off the night.

The party was back on and revellers continued with merriment like the show had not been disrupted. Kabza deSmall was the first on stage and he was greeted by thunderous applause.

An array of “private school” amapiano was on the menu and Kabza deSmall kept the crowd grooving until DJ Maphorisa went on stage. Another round of cheers greeted Madumane, his stage name when he performs.

Madumane further excited the crowd when he performed Asilali Emakhaya and kept chanting “why lingalal’emakhaya”, a question that was fitting for the crowd that had shown no interest in sleeping or going to their homes as they had continued to party without music when the show was halted.

There was a surprise appearance by Jah Prayzah who got on stage and greeted the crowd, while the duo was on the decks.

Thereafter, DJ Maphorisa partied with the people and performed the duos hit tracks such as Lorch, Hello, Izolo and Bopha.

Those in the crowd sang along word for word and at around 2.30AM the show ended. Some stayed behind to finish off their beverages while others called it a night.

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