RG-backed DeMbare consider salary hike for players Isaiah Mupfurutsa

Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter
HAPPY with the support they are getting from their sponsors Remmington Gold, Dynamos are reportedly considering a pay hike for their players.

Dynamos are one of the few Premiership clubs that have been consistently paying players’ salaries on time.

Unlike rivals Caps United and Highlanders, who lost their sponsorship deals with NetOne, DeMbare have been sailing with Remmington Gold.

Sources said as part of keeping their players motivated, the Dynamos leadership is planning to approach their sponsors to discuss the possibility of adjusting player salaries.

DeMbare chairman Isaiah Mupfurutsa said: “We understand things have been difficult for everyone because of Covid-19, but we are grateful to the sponsors for being there for us. We’ve been managing to pay our players on time, even though the salaries haven’t been adjusted in line with the prevailing inflation rates. It’s something we hope will be looked into in future.”

He said inactivity due to Covid-19 had significantly affected their revenue streams.

Revenue generated from match related items, like gate takings and sale of club merchandise, keeps clubs like DeMbare afloat.

Mupfurutsa said the club merchandise project was moving at a snail’s pace due to inactivity.

“We started a project to sell club t-shirts, but it hasn’t moved the way we had anticipated because buying patterns are affected by how the team plays,” he said. — @ZililoR

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