RoilBAA award inspires Lady Tshawe to work harder

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RoilBAA award inspires Lady Tshawe to work harder Lady Tshawe

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Lady Tshawe

Lady Tshawe

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
WINNING an award does not mean that I’ve arrived, but that I should work harder, says actress and poet, Lady Tshawe.

The Bulawayo-born beauty bagged the Outstanding Theatre actress at the recently held Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards for her role as MaNotsha in Blood Tongue.

The musical that was showcased in South Africa last year was written by award-winning Zimbabwean playwright and author, Christopher Mlalazi and produced by Nhimbe Trust. It explored the struggles of a strong-willed woman in present-day Zimbabwe.

Lady Tshawe said winning the award meant it was time to look for more opportunities.

“Taking a leaf from the present day mantra, I must declare that Lady Tshawe is open for business. I’m ready for collaborations and castings in my acting career. Winning the award for me doesn’t mean I’ve arrived. If anything, it has ignited something in me to work harder and reach for the stars,” she said.

Having been involved in numerous plays in the city such as the acclaimed The Tellers, Lady Tshawe said her vision was to be a breath of fresh air in the arts industry.

“I want to create a space where artistes can be managed, mentored and groomed as well as be taught the business side of arts. Do I want to be known beyond the borders of Zim and the African continent? Indeed. But as I create space for others, I know my space is being created too,” she said.

Lady Tshawe said she hopes to release an EP and publish a book later this year. Also, her dream, after winning this award, is to write or direct her own play.

“Maybe one of these days I might be inspired to do a theatre production of my own. Until then, I’m going to let the gurus keep doing them while I learn the trade of theatre production.”

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