RoilBAAs! Tonight is the night

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RoilBAAs! Tonight is the night

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Cal Vin receiving certificate 2

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
With the glitz and glam that was exhibited on Thursday night during the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards nominees’ party, it could have been a precursor of what will happen today during the award ceremony.

The nominees’ party was held at Glen Lodge in Bulawayo where artistes came in their numbers to get their certificates as recognition for being nominated at the second edition of the awards. The awards ceremony will be held tonight at the Large City Hall in Bulawayo.

As a sign that artistes this year were ready to dazzle on the red carpet, there were many outstanding and less outlandish outfits that were on display on the night.

Others decided to be modest with their dressing as they did not want to let the cat out of the bag as to what they will be wearing tonight.

Away from the glitz and glam, the delight on nominees’ faces as they each received a certificate of merit was priceless. It showed the core of the awards ceremony to recognise many people who have been working in the arts industry and just needed that push to gain national recognition.

And when they receive their various accolades tonight, it will be memorable.

Everything was great on Thursday, except that the event started late, because of a number of factors such as artistes arriving at the pickup point late and some of the speeches dragging.

Now, considering that tonight’s event will be broadcast live on ZBCtv, all this needs to change as everything should be like clockwork.

The red carpet is the centre of attraction of many award ceremonies as people get to see what the stars will be wearing, who they will be accompanied by and if their outfits match or are misses.

The same will apply to the city awards where guests will be interviewed on the RoilBAA red carpet by Gilmore Tee, Nyasha “Diva” Mtamangira, Tsitsi Gumbo and Tinashe OkaMaskhosana.

Last year, there were some wow moments, showstoppers and instances that made people cringe on the red carpet. Veteran modelling guru Sarah Mpofu-Sibanda’s outfit had bloggers failing to describe what it was and it was concluded that we had to accept her for who she is, a diva!

This year, it seems that it will be the same, as she promised to spring a surprise on the red carpet.

“People should expect something jaw dropping. On red carpets wherever I go, I make a fashion statement and leave people talking and debating,” said Mpofu-Sibanda.

Over the past two weeks, nominees have been in overdrive trying to find the right outfits for the awards and we wait and see what they have in store for us.

On the dreaded red carpet, which is like a roadblock that many people don’t want to encounter but have to, there will be the fashion police to contend with.

The apparel police force assembled to vet and grill guests on their outfits will comprise Star FM’s Noxy, commercial model Marcu Kumbie, fashion stylist Noelu and radio presenter Mpumelelo “LELO” Moyo.

We are waiting for you is their mantra this year as they, according to one of style cops LELO, will not mince their words.

“We’re calling on the people of Bulawayo to come in their numbers to see and be seen on the red carpet. It’s exciting just to anticipate on who’s going to arrive with who, wearing what.

“You can’t have an awards show without the red carpet as it’s the core of any ceremony. So people better show up and show off. We as the fashion police are ready for you,” said LELO.

During the nominees’ party, the fashion police gave a taste of what people should expect from them on the red carpet.

If last year is anything to go by, then when guests enter the Large City Hall, they will be in for breathtaking performances from an assembly of artistes.

The performances were the best; they were the icing on the cake. And getting the programme moving along during the ceremony will be Mbo Mahocs, Star FM’s Phathisani Sibanda, Master Eli from Skyz Metro FM and veteran broadcaster Morris Touch.

All this talent that will be on the main stage, red carpet fashion police, being recognised and organising the ceremony is from Bulawayo.

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