Russia offers Zimbabwe vast opportunities for economic growth President Mnangagwa is welcomed in Saint Petersburg Russia yesterday. — Pictures: Presidential Photographer Joseph Nyadzayo

Kudakwashe Mugari in ST PETERSBURG, Russia

ZIMBABWE, whose development thrust is anchored on science-driven modernisation and industrialisation, will tap into Russia’s technological innovations particularly in artificial intelligence (AI) and renewable energy to accelerate its economic growth, a senior official has said.

President Mnangagwa arrived here yesterday to join other world leaders at the 27th St Petersburg International Economic Forum, a platform that affords countries with vast economic opportunities, seeking win-win outcomes.

Just like Zimbabwe, Russia has been groaning under the burden of illegal economic sanctions that were imposed by Western countries, but that has not deterred the two nations from pursuing mutual economic interests for the benefit of their people.

Towards that end, President Mnangagwa is expected to take part in the preliminary session of the 27th St Petersburg Economic Forum, where delegates from 139 countries are taking part.

The forum comes at a time when trade between Africa and Russia is on an upward trajectory and is expected to boost trade and co-operation between the two regions.

The Deputy Chief Secretary in the Office of President and Cabinet, Mr George Charamba, said economic development and international co-operation are critical to the development of world economies, Zimbabwe in particular.

“The President is here because the event is key to Zimbabwe in that it is emphasising economic development and international co-operation.

“Given the increasing importance of digitalisation, sustainability and innovation in the global economy, and that back home the President has prioritised digitalisation and innovation policies, this forum is key to us as a country,” he said.

Mr Charamba said Zimbabwe will also use the forum to explore avenues for economic partnerships with the more than 139 countries represented.

“We are going also to tap into Russia’s latest advancements in artificial intelligence, renewable energy, and smart cities that will be on display. 

“We are going to discuss leveraging these technologies to drive sustainable development. Back home we are intensifying the smart cities concept,” he said.

The Forum is running under the theme, “The Formation of New Areas of Growth as the Cornerstone of a Multipolar World,” and will focus on key economic issues facing Russia, emerging markets, and the world.

The four-day forum will feature more than 400 business events including seminars, dialogues and panel discussions, covering topics ranging from global economic transition to advanced technology development.

Since its inception in 1997, the SPIEF has evolved into a renowned global platform for the business community to discuss critical economic issues facing Russia and the world.



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