SA model’s sex slavery lie exposed Princess Mahlangu
Princess Mahlangu

Princess Mahlangu

Bongani Ndlovu, Showbiz Correspondent
The South African model, who fingered Zimbabwean modelling businessman Tare Munzara in a sex trafficking ring leading to his arrest in Malaysia, allegedly lied about the claim.

Princess Mahlangu (24) claimed that the Munzara organised pageant Miss United Countries in Malaysia was just bait for her and 13 other models to be sold into sex slavery.

It was reported that when Mahlangu arrived in the Asian country’s capital Kuala Lumpur she and others were held hostage in a hotel room and would have been shipped to various parts of the globe if the authorities didn’t intervene.

However according to The Citizen Mahlangu fabricated the whole story as a way to get back home. Mahlangu had been informed beforehand that the pageant had been cancelled but decided to travel to Malaysia anyway to “avoid embarrassment”, apparently because she had been tweeting about it a lot.

Thereafter Munzara was arrested by the Royal Malaysian Police through a joint operation with South Africa’s Directorate for Priority Investigations (The Hawks), the South African Police Service and Interpol. He was later released after questioning.

Later, SA Police Minister Fikile Mbalula appeared to take a huge personal interest in Mahlangu’s case, and allegedly even paid the costs for her return flight home on Sunday from the Far East from his personal funds.

Now, a South African police source however, told the Citizen that: “there were no elements of crime in the case”.

“When she [Mahlangu] got there, she did not have proper accommodation. So she decided to lie to the police that she was being trafficked,” according to the unnamed police source.

Mbalula’s spokesperson, according to South African media told them, no case was actually ever opened to investigate the matter. Other sources, however, said it had been opened but was subsequently closed. Sunday World reported that it had seen documents showing the Hawks had been handling the case.

Munzara was on Sunday a relieved man saying the whole fiasco had cost him a lot of business.

He posted on his Facebook wall that people did not believe he was telling the truth, but now feels vindicated.

“This morning the devil was shamed, I was vilified and named a human trafficker because some stupid model decided to lie. The media even kept on naming me as a criminal. The story went viral and the South African Minister of Police Fikile Mbalula even further lied and so my name was dragged into disrepute being tagged as a criminal. The tables have turned, and it’s now our time because the Truth is out. South African Police and Hawks have spoken in this article that I am not a Criminal and the whole story was a lie,” posted Munzara.

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