SA woman ‘targeted’ over missing loot Precious Lindelwa Phiri and her late father Abram Phiri

Chronicle Reporter 

A 27–year-old woman based in South Africa has reportedly gone into hiding after a ‘target’ was set on her following the death of her father, who died under mysterious circumstances.

The woman- Precious Lindelwa Phiri- was born in South Africa to a Zimbabwean father that relocated to the neighbouring country in the early 90s, Abram Phiri and a South African mother, Yvonne Ntonto Mhauli.

Mlauli was a well known anti-apartheid activist in the Hilbrow area in South Africa.

Precious Lindelwa Phiri and her late mother Yvonne Ntonto Mhauli

However, according to family sources, Adram Phiri got involved in criminal activities and circumstances leading to his death, saw him being accused by his colleagues of disappearing with over 4 million Rands which was part of one of their ‘heists’.

The gang is said to be operating between Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“Abram was poisoned after he refused to hand over the said money, it was later believed that he had disclosed the whereabouts of his loot to his wife Yvonne Mhlauli and daughter, Precious Lindelwa Phiri, now just three months following Abram’s death, Yvonne has also died under mysterious circumstances.

“We have since been contact by Precious who now wants to even skip the border and come to Zimbabwe as she had been informed that she has relatives this side. She managed to contact me after getting my number from one of her father’s records. She has never been in Zimbabwe and only has South African papers but you also see that she is in a catch-22 situation, her life is clearly in danger,” said a relative who contacted this publication but declined to reveal her identity.

Precious is reportedly now getting threats and has since gone withdrawn her two children from school.

This publication managed to interview Precious from her hideout in South Africa and she narrated her ordeal.

“I am the first person to admit that my father was partaking in criminal activities in the country but now we are suffering for his choice of life. In just three months I have lost my father, mother and now my life is also in danger because they claim I know the whereabouts of this 4 million rands, which is not even true.

“I had to contact some distant relatives in Zimbabwe because I did not know what to do. I have never been to Zimbabwe and I do not know anyone there. My fear is that even if I go to that country they can even follow me there,” said a sobbing Precious, who revealed that she also feared for the safety of her children.

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