Sarory Tnp drops new track Saroy Tnp

Millicent Andile Dube, Showbiz Reporter

South Africa based Zimbabwean singer Saroy Tnp has dropped a new song titled Ndiwe, which has drawn a large audience with the song being sung in three different languages.

In order to show the value of his traditional traits the singer delivered this song that has Ndebele, Shona and Chichewa languages all at once.

The multitalented singer born Jethro Dube has in the long run of his career infused his style of singing with Afro beats and lsintu which has been his signature vocal of my own singing vocal style.

In this song he featured a Malawian award winning artist Sithe who is also a vocalist as well as  music producer.

“Ndiwe is a love song that is telling a story of a couple that is madly in love and the guy is expressing his affection to his partner, as a result he proposes,” said Saroy Tnp.

The artist is set to deliver yet another EP before the end of year titled Indosakusa.

“Ndiwe is part of the album titled UNKNOWN 1 Made in Africa which is promised to be released soon and the release date of the album is yet to be announced anytime. There is certainly more, this will draw more views and see if our fans like the style we have adopted,” said Saroy Tnp.

In 2020 he released his first ever studio debut E.P Two sided which propelled him to be nominated as a Best New Comer of the Year on 011 City Awards which were hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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