Sawu joins Byo Chiefs Agent Sawu

Ricky Zililo, Senior Sports Reporter
LEGENDARY former Zimbabwe international Agent Sawu has joined Bulawayo Chiefs FC as the head coach for the developmental side which will act as a feeder to the senior team.

The former Zimbabwe international who had playing stints in Switzerland, Cyprus, China and South Africa was unveiled as part of Chiefs’ technical team at a welcome dinner for coach Nilton Terroso held on Thursday night.

Sawu, also a former Zimbabwe Saints hitman will be assisted by ex-Highlanders defender Anzilom Ndlovu in the developmental side which will compete in the Zifa Bulawayo Metropolitan Province Division Two Soccer League.

“Agent Sawu comes in as the head of development and is being assisted by Anzilom Ndlovu. But, given that they’re all our coaches, don’t be surprised in future when you see him (Sawu) at the bench of the senior team in the event that Terroso calls him to assist if need be. Terroso is the head of all Bulawayo Chiefs’ football teams, meaning Sawu who is qualified enough to sit on the first team bench works under him,” said Dumisani Mantula-Sibanda, Chiefs’ secretary.

The development side according to Mantula-Sibanda will be dominated by Under-19 footballers, with a few 20-year-old players they feel are in line for promotion to the senior team.

Sawu will not be hard-pressed to win promotion into the First Division, as his focus is on training players and preparing them for the first team.

Sawu is a holder of the English FA International Coaching Licence, which the FA’s education services administrator Kelly Sharp said is equivalent to a Uefa B badge.

Sawu attained the qualification in 2007, but still chose to attend a Caf B coaching course in December 2017 in a bid to comply with local football authorities.

Last month, Sawu completed a Uefa Certificate in Football Management course, a programme with the Uefa Academy.

The blended learning approach of the Uefa Certificate in Football Management containing a mix of e-learning and face-to-face seminars has been carefully designed in collaboration with a prestigious academic institution and leading experts to ensure a high quality programme.

The programme lasts for nine months. According to the Uefa website, each module and face-to-face seminar addresses a key area of football management which are necessary for people working within the football industry.

The online modules found within the Uefa CFM are as follows:

-the organisation of world football;

– strategic and performance management;

-operational management;

-football marketing and sponsorship;

– communication, the media and public relations;

-elective module to be chosen from the five following subjects: Event and volunteer management, Women’s football,

Football development, Football and social responsibility and Football law. — @ZililoR

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