Scribes nominated for RoilBAA upbeat Mbulelo “eMKlass” Mpofu, Mkhokheli Kabane Zibengwa Langalakhe “Maroza” Mabena

Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Writer

They are the professionals responsible for compiling stories that resonate and narrate the state of affairs in the local showbiz scene, and because of their efforts, the Roil Bulawayo Arts Awards (BAA) has chosen, from the rest, the top five scribes who will battle it out for the Outstanding Arts Journalist Across Board award.

Nominated for the top gong are 2022 RoilBAA winner Langalakhe Mabena (B Metro), Mkhululi Ncube (The Chronicle), Mbulelo Mpofu (The Chronicle), Mpumelelo Moyo (NewsDay) and Mkhokheli Kabane Zibengwa (BANO).

Chronicle Showbiz caught up with the wordsmiths who expressed appreciation for the recognition of their work in putting Zimbabwe’s creative sector on the map.
Langalakhe Mabena also known as Maroza in the showbiz corridors, said  his fingers are crossed to retain the award which he won last year.

“This is my fourth nomination in a row and I’m excited to make it again this year. It’s a sign that my work is visible and readers, as well as different creatives, approve and appreciate my work. Considering the effort that I always put into my work, I believe I am the favourite.

Mkhululi Ncube and Mpumelelo Moyo

“There’s stiff competition this year, but with God’s grace, I believe I have a chance to scoop the accolade once more,” Mabena said.

“The dream and vision have always been to be a person who advocates for artistes’ rights on different levels. I’ll continue doing so to uplift young and up-and-coming creatives by giving them a chance that will ensure they realise their dreams,” added Mabena

Mkhululi Ncube who is mostly referred to as Mkhust, said the nomination came as a surprise.

“This is a first for me. Truly speaking, it was a surprise to receive this nomination. If I win, it’ll be good. I can’t predict what will happen in the future, but what I know is that I’ll keep on supporting our arts and artistes,” he said.

Fast-growing journalist, Mbulelo Mpofu who is also known as eMKlass said patience has paid off after failing to get nominations in the past years.

“The recognition fills my heart with unbridled warmth. It’s a sure renaissance to my soul’s dearth and shows that hard work pays off at the end of the day.

“I’m humbled at the thought that someone, somewhere noticed the work I put in since my journalistic career took off a few years back. I know I have what it takes to bring the gong home and the mere nomination itself is a reflection of how hard I have worked,” Mpofu said.

Mpumelelo Moyo said the nomination is a pat on his back and an inspiration to himself and his peers to work even harder.

“I think the nomination came at the right time because I’m about to go back to class full-time since I’m now in my final year (at varsity). So if I vanish for a while, it would be great to leave on a high note,” said Moyo.

He thanked organisers of the awards for recognising journalists.

“The guys did well to recognise the role that journalists play in the arts industry, catapulting careers and transforming names into big brands. We’re part of the ecosystem in a way so it’s great to be acknowledged.”

Mkhokheli Zibengwa said his nomination came from hard work.

“It’s an amazingly great feeling to be recognised for my work. I’ve always told myself to aim for the top and I’ve always enjoyed being the voice of the voiceless especially in communities that are usually marginalised.

“I do have the qualities to win the prestigious award, but it’s all in God’s will since I had not targeted any award this year,” Zibengwa said—@mthabisi_mthire

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