Security guard steals bible

30 Jun, 2016 - 00:06 0 Views

The Chronicle

Walter Mswazie, Masvingo Correspondent
A SECURITY guard at a school in Masvingo has been fined $100 for stealing a Bible from a classroom he was guarding.

Gift Moyo (34) of Rujeko C suburb forced his way into a locked classroom while on guard at night at Vurombo Primary School in Mucheke suburb and stole the Bible and cellotape, but forgot his log book at the scene of the crime, leading to his arrest.

Appearing before Masvingo magistrate Mr Oliver Mudzongachiso on Tuesday facing charges of unlawful entry and theft, Moyo was convicted on his own plea of guilty. Mr Mudzongachiso fined him $100 or 30 days in jail if he fails to pay the fine.

The magistrate said Moyo betrayed the trust that his employers bestowed on him. He said the fact that he stole a Bible shows that even the Word of God could not deter him.

“The fact that you broke into premises which you were entrusted to provide security to means that you are a thief without any conscience.

“You were also not deterred by the fact that you were unlawfully taking the Word of God, the Holy Bible,” said Mr Mudzongachiso.

For the State, Mr Fidelity Nyamukondiwa said sometime last week, Moyo was on duty at the school and broke into a classroom and stole the Bible belonging to Mr Pardon Marume, a teacher at the school.

“On Thursday at around 11pm, Moyo who was manning the school forced open a locked Grade Six classroom door before he gained entry. While inside, Moyo searched all drawers on pupils’ desks and found a Holy Bible and cellotape which belonged to Mr Marume.

“He took the two items and went out, closed the door as if nothing had happened but left behind a log book,” said Mr Nyamukondiwa.

The court heard that Moyo knocked off the following morning and went home.

When Mr Marume reported for duty, he realised that the door had been tampered with. Further investigations revealed that some items had been stolen. Mr Marume also discovered a log book belonging to Moyo.

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