Self-taught filmmaker gets three RoilBAA nominations

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Self-taught filmmaker gets three RoilBAA nominations Mzingaye Ngwabi

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Yvonne Ncube, Showbiz Reporter
DESPITE not having seen the classroom doors for film production, Young Artists Development School (Yads) co-founder Mzingaye Ngwabi’s play Indodakazi Mwanasikana has received three nominations for the Roil Bulawayo Artists Awards (BAA).

The play has been nominated for outstanding theatre production with its lead characters, Kumbilani Ncube and Rejoice Zivenga being nominated for outstanding theatre actor and actress, respectively.

The 22-year-old filmmaker and director has not attended any formal school to learn all the tactics and secrets to film management but has seen great success.

“When I received those nominations, I was surprised. Of course, something in me was optimistic, but I did not expect it. The feeling is great and the joy cannot be hidden. It’s not just one, but three nominations and this is something big for my team and me.

“It’s great to be appreciated and acknowledged. I’ve been in the industry for four years now although I’ve been more of an underground artist till this year when I felt like it’s the right time to avail myself,” Ngwabi said.

Showing how passionate he is about the arts industry, Ngwabi self-taught himself.

“When I stepped professionally into the industry, I didn’t have money to go to a formal school and study arts, but I knew the duration of the course was four years. So I researched the modules and particular topics. I taught myself all the things to operate almost the same way as the person who went to school.

“The past four years were dedicated to my studies so 2020 was my imaginary year of graduation. And this year, I used what I’d learnt to come up with the production of the play Indodakazi Mwanasikana and I’m quite happy to see the fruits.

“This is my first production, but already, we’re being welcomed by three nominations. A positive and motivating start is the beginning of greater heights,” he said.

Ngwabi said the initiation of Yads is aimed at developing youth talent in the industry of theatre and film.

“Four years ago, my friends and I introduced the Young Artists Development School which is aimed at developing the talents of young people who have an interest in starting a career in theatre and film,” he said.

“We do whatever it takes to reach our full potential in the field of theatre because we feel this is what we came into this world for. We shall continue to push and thrive higher.”

He said the RoilBAA nominated play is aimed at raising awareness on sexual abuse and violation of children’s rights in communities.

“Due to Covid-19, we observed that when schools reopened, a number of girls in our communities and those around us did not return because of unwanted pregnancies and forced commitments. This gave birth to the play with the idea being to showcase it in different high-density suburbs so as to spark conversations on the solutions that communities can come up with to put a stop to such violations,” Ngwabi said.

As an entry fee to watch the play, Ngwabi said residents were required to bring donations which were later donated to charity.

He expressed positivity and hope in winning the awards in all categories.

“I am positive about winning the awards, but of course, the decision lies with adjudicators. We’ll however work very hard to get votes,” he said. – @SeehYvonne

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